Testimonial 50 – Barb M

Customer Stories

Since we founded EVELO in 2011, thousands of people now have an electric bike they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Barb M
Camden, ME
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
15 miles per week

The entire EVELO experience in the purchasing of two bikes (2 1/2 years apart) has been excellent from every angle and we have never had to wait more than half an hour, even on weekends, for help with a question. Nancy Lowndes is there when we don't know who to contact for a particular question and Bill Cummings is one of the technicians (my title for him) that quickly answers concerns or problems we run into because of our lack of knowledge. My husband just bought his and is thrilled as I was from his first ride!

I am greatly enjoying my EVELO Aurora

Mackinac, MI
Uses Evelo for: recreation
70 miles per week

I am greatly enjoying my EVELO Aurora. I'm using it on Mackinac Island, known as 'The Great Turtle' in Native American lore.

Mackinac is about eight miles in circumference and slopes upward from the shore like aa turtles shell - thus its nickname.

Automobiles and other gas powered vehicles are banned on the island; modes of transportation are generally limited to horse drawn taxis, ambulation and bicycles.

Our house is a short distance from the highest part of the island so gravity makes going down easy. There is,however, significant work involved to get back up!

Before the Evelo I'd limit the number of trips I'd make to town and more often than not leave my bike at the top of the last and steepest hill and walk the rest of the way down. Island exploration took a back seat to trips to town for a purpose.

With the Evelo the entire island is once again available to enjoy, and short of inclement weather, there's no reason not to go for a ride or make extra trips to town. I even look for reasons to go!

I'm glad I got the bigger motor Alex recommended: it flattens out the hills and is whisper quiet.

Everyone I've talked to at Evelo has been great. Your customer service and support is plain and simple Apple quality.

Residents can only use an e-bike if they go through a special licensing process and prove medical necessity. Tourists cannot bring e-bikes without first getting a temporary license under the same rules residents must follow.

As more island residents look to e-bikes as a way to get around, I hope you see more orders coming from Mackinac. You have a great product!!

Everyone has offered quick responses to my questions, before and after I was an owner

Michael Mills
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
40 miles per week

My experience with the Aries model and the EVELO team has been great. Everyone has offered quick responses to my questions, before and after I was an owner, and even offered input about their own experiences using their products. I did a lot of research before buying and members of the EVELO staff often answer questions directly on other message boards as well. Seeing how much time has been put into guaranteeing satisfaction with the EVELO brand made me very comfortable with my purchase.

I am 6'2" and 210+ lbs. I live in a relatively hilly area, but with the the 500 watt motor I have been able to get around town without ever feeling over-exerted. I have also increased my overall exercise as I now use my bike to run routine errands or travel around my neighborhood rather than taking a car.

The fit and finish on the Aurora is outstanding

Terry Perciante
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting
35 miles per week

During the early Fall season of 2015, I purchased an Evelo Aurora as a replacement for a conventional, inexpensive bicycle to which I added a  500 watt rear hub motor powered by 2 sealed lead acid 24 V 12 aH batteries.  For three years and 2500 miles my old ride served me well and made me a believer in the merits of e-bikes.  The new Aurora is an order of magnitude better than my old system.  The fit and finish on the Aurora is outstanding, no rattles, moving parts operate smoothly, and peddling is easy even without motor assist.

Before my purchase, I was concerned about the power output of a 250 watt mid-drive motor, but that concern was completely unfounded.  I now easily climb ½ mile hills that have grades in the range of 6-7%.  Although I did not order a 500 watt motor, I nonetheless did select the upgraded 36V 17Ah Extended-Range battery.  The combination is perfect for riding in Illinois, though if I were in a mountain state, I would likely upgrade both motor and battery.

My Aurora is fitted with a NuVinci transmission, a choice that has really enhanced the pleasure of riding in comparison to  my prior years of experience with shifting through gears.  The NuVinci allows me to easily tune the “gears” and power assist so as to optimally climb hills without sapping the battery.  Although you can adjust the “gear” setting at any time through the NuVinci system, my initial rides suggest that it is better to adjust the setting without the motor and pedals engaged.  I was accustomed to this on my older bikes, so a brief 2 seconds of not pedaling to adjust the NuVinci is not unlike shifting gears with a conventional setup excepting that the NuVinci is easier and much smoother (especially since there are no upper and lower limit screws typical of conventional dérailleurs that periodically need adjusting).   The quietness of the motor is an added benefit.  When engaged, the motor makes a barely audible whirring sound that is hardly noticeable, and certainly not to nearby riders.

With regard to customer service, my Aurora arrived with a bent front wheel (though the bike was double boxed to mitigate shipper abuse), but service from the home office was exceptional, making prompt arrangements for speedy delivery of a new replacement wheel.  I can confirm that Evelo customer service is as exceptional as so many reviewers before me have affirmed.  I could not have made a better choice than to purchase from Evelo.  The product exceeds my expectations, everything works smoothly, and riding is a genuine pleasure.  This 70 year old has had his cycling life extended by the Aurora, and I count Evelo among those elite and rare companies that actually deliver on their promises.

The electric bike allows me to ride the bike for commuting and recreation

Gerald Miller
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting, exercising
95 miles per week

I have put over 500 miles on the bike in the last month and a half.  I would have to say its use is for commuting, enjoyment and health.  In general, I am pleased with the bike.  It is serving me well.

I rode horses when I was young, not bicycles.  In my late thirties I tried to use one for exercise.  The bending forward inflamed my lower back, and I stopped riding it.  And now I am considered obese, and have severe COPD and use oxygen 24-7.   So I was not the ideal person to jump on a bike and go.  I was shaky when I started riding it.  I was not always able to make it go where I wanted.  I am now able to ride the bike well, and have a better understanding of what I need and want in a bike.

One of the main reasons I picked the Luna was because I could sit up straight and not bother my back.  For that it was an excellent choice.  Not the best for balance, but that came fairly quickly with miles.  On a setting of 5 with peddling I am able to average 14 to 15 miles per hour, and do it for 3 or 4 miles.  If I am having a bad breathing day, I peddle less and use the throttle more.  And, if needed, I just use the throttle.  I have always been able to make 20 + miles per charge. Only ran out of battery once, and came close another.

When I ran out of battery, I was 8/10s of a mile from my trailer.  I had to use first gear and go slow.  I was holding a decent blood oxygen level for me, but barely.  The electric bike allows me to ride the bike for commuting and recreation.  And for exercising.  It is great.  With COPD getting exercise is a challenge.  It is so easy to our work your oxygen.  On the bike you can go full electric at any time.  That is why I can use it for both commuting and recreation.

Earlier this year I needed to leave my job, and am now receiving Social Security Disability income.  I sold my house, bought a used fifth wheel RV and a ram diesel pickup to pull it.  By using the bicycle as much as possible when I get to where I am going. I save on the diesel bill, and feel better by leaving a smaller footprint.

I have not ridden any other electric bike, but can’t help but believe the center mounted motor is better than in the hub for my needs.  Being able to use the gears with the motor gives me more control of my speed while using assist mode and still allow me to pedal and keep my legs moving.  I am able to get my exercise at any speed.

I am happy with my purchase of the Luna bike.

Now takes even the worst hills with ease

Don Wallace
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting
105 miles per week

Well, I just celebrated my two month anniversary of owning an Evelo (Orion) and saw that I had already rolled over 900 miles when I put it in the garage today. The bike has just been amazing and I’m pleased with how much I’ve been able to incorporate it into my everyday life. Recreation, grocery shopping and the biggest one commuting!

I live in the south and work in a business casual atmosphere. I live close enough that I would bike to work on my old bike when the temperature is nice, but not so much when it would get hotter, because I would be a sweaty mess when I by the time I arrived. The Orion has made it possible for me to keep riding even in the blazing heat. While I still get hot, it’s nothing compared to not having the power assist and I feel good that I’m still being active.

I also took the Evelo on a recent trek across MO via the Katy Trail (St Louis to Clinton), then pushed forward when I’d completed it to Kansas City. When all was said and done I’d logged 387 miles in 6 days. The bike did fantastic and really impressed me. The amazing transformation, though, has been in my wife. I have tried for years to get her more involved in biking and we could never find a bike that she liked. She would always struggle with hills and would more often than not turn me down when I asked if she’d like to go for a bike ride. We live in a  very hilly area and she would often end up having to walk the bike up hills.

Since we purchased her Luna, I’ve seen a great change that I wasn’t sure I’d ever see and I had never (ever) seen her smile during or after climbing a hill, but now she takes even the worst hills with ease. We bike together more now than we ever have and it’s a much more enjoyable experience for her.

Recently we rode in NAPA California surrounded by wineries and loved it

Itshak Rosner
Uses Evelo for: recreation
25 miles per week

My wife and I are both in mid 60's riding  the bikes for leisure and quite enjoying it. Recently we rode in NAPA California surrounded by wineries and loved it. The ride was about 25 miles on a hilly winding road and numerous times we found ourselves thanking the assist for otherwise we would have never made it.

This bike is solid construction and everything about this bike is top quality

Thomas Whitby
Uses Evelo for: recreation
15 miles per week

What a bike dream come true! I'm 69 years old male with emphysema and live in the hills of western Pennsylvania. I purchased the Evelo Aries with N360 gears and extended battery. Believe me it was well worth the money!

I bike on a lot of trails and the Evelo bike handles them all. I no longer have to dismount to walk up hills, in fact I don't have to dismount unless I want to.

This bike is solid construction and everything about this bike is top quality. Being handy and have a lot of tools I was able to assemble this bike in about 45 minutes. I am a recreational user for fair weather biking and winter where I live is not for biking. This bike make me feel confident that I will complete my goals without problems.

This bike had more options as standard equipment than any of the others

Jeffery Johnson
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
35 miles per week

When I was doing my research on electric bikes and learning about all the options I had decided to purchases a different brand locally, mainly for the servicing end of it. However because my wife is only 5' I was concerned about the distance between the peddles and the seat. None of the local bike shops had their bikes in stock so they would call the respective supplier for an answer. Guess what, most never got back and if they did it would be two to three days later. Kind of lax don't you think?

Becoming frustrated I researched Evelo and low and behold this bike had more options as standard equipment than any of the others I had researched. I emailed them for the peddle to seat distance and within five minutes they called me, answered all my questions and within another ten minutes I paid for two Aurora's. In 48 hours they were on my doorstep. I'm handy so putting them together was a snap, 30 minutes each.

I found I could turn my wife's handle bars backwards which brought them very close and made her very happy. (I have no idea why she likes this but if she's happy so am I. It is not necessary). She loves this bike. She keeps the gears in the hard to peddle mode and simply turns the throttle as much as is required for hills. I love all the options so I use everything.

Oh, and by the way we are not spring chickens, heading for home base if you know what I mean. Not telling my wife's age but me, I'm 70. The only drawback was the weight. It cause my wife to struggle getting started when pushing off with her leg, Hello dear (I said), don't push with your leg, just stand there holding the bike with one foot on the peddle and turn the throttle and the bike took off all by itself. Well glory be you would have thought someone just gave her a happy face.

In short, we love these bikes and the great service we have received.

Call them or email them, and someone will respond nearly IMMEDIATELY

Lynn Huiskamp
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
45 miles per week

I’ve been intrigued with the idea of ebikes for a few years, and love any bike that encourages more people to hop back on a bike.  I live in a rural, very hilly part of Wisconsin and bike commute 20+ miles every day.  For 12 years, I’ve ridden a road bike.  I still love the challenge and speed of my road bike, but know there are days (at age 54) when I need to dial it back.  The EVELO makes it wonderfully possible to find a good balance with recovery.

I also wanted an ebike in my inventory so I could enjoy more rides with friends who might not be keen to bike our beautiful hills.  The EVELO, again, hit this need perfectly.  Bikers of all ages and abilities can manage the EVELO and bike considerably more miles than they thought possible.  And they LOVE it!

Perhaps the most unexpected use I’ve found for the EVELO is a utilitarian one on our small farm.  We have a few goats that manage to get around fencing and go “free range” occasionally.  It is so easy to hop on my EVELO and ride through a field and round up the goats!  Some rough terrain is no problem for my Aurora, and I can move much faster than if I was on foot!

Customer Service with EVELO is as good as has been reported by others.  Call them or email them, and someone will respond nearly IMMEDIATELY.  That fact, alone, should move EVELO to the top of the list for anyone considering an ebike.