Testimonial 38 – Eddy L

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Since we founded EVELO in 2011, thousands of people now have an electric bike they’ll enjoy for years to come.

It is a piece of cake. What a pleasure.

Eddy Lungren
Uses Evelo for: recreation
70 miles per week

I bought the EVELO Aurora for my partner who has trouble riding the hills with me. We will both be 75 this year and want very much to continue being active. Well, the EVELO is the solution!

Now she rides the hills as if it were flat land where she passes me with a big smile on her face asking “What is the problem?”. She is so pleased and now is the one who often initiates a bike ride. Then there are times when I get to ride the EVELO. I have taken it over the hill to town several times now, and it is a piece of cake. What a pleasure.

Chris R
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting
20 miles per week

It's been almost a year now (Date/Time: 6-Feb-2015 13:21:41 PST) since I have purchased my bike and I really love my Evelo Aries! I haven't ridden my "other" electric bike at all since I received my Aries!

I ride daily for commuting, errands, recreation, and off-road/road trips (just for fun)! I wish the headlight was brighter and the lights used a secondary battery, but I have a light I wear on my head that is extremely bright and the bike's tail light suffices for cars to see me on the road.

The full suspension and center drive are the main reasons I purchased this bike. The full suspension because the country roads in SE PA are not smooth riding and the center drive to use gears for all the rolling hills that can be miles long uphill riding. I ride my bike to work everyday in all weather (see Pic).

I haven't had extensive experience with electric bikes, but I have no complaints about this bike, besides the dull head light. BIG OLE RECOMMEND! The service from Evelo has been above and beyond as well for the minimal interaction I have had and no complaints at all! I don't provide a lot of feedback on products, but this is a great bike at a decent price! My "other" $500 electric bike doesn't even compare, but suffices as a backup just in case (flat tire, I reck, or whatever).

Mindy Sherwood
Uses Evelo for: errands, commuting
25 miles per week

I purchased an Aries e-bike in early September. We had to figure out shipping to a remote island in Alaska. The Evelo staff was excellent in helping me to barge the bike up to Alaska. It arrived within a week, well packaged and easily assembled.

I have had an absolutely wonderful time now riding my new Evelo to work nearly every day. It is only a 2.2 mile commute one-way but it is such a nice ride along the inner channel on a Southeast Alaska island. Today was 37*, a nice crisp morning with the moon shinning just over the horizon early in the morning. The bike has performed better then I had anticipated. I get some exercise as well as an assist when I get a bit tired, especially at the end of the work day.

It rains nearly every day here and the fenders keep the road grime off of me well and the brakes don't seem to mind the extra moisture. The front suspension makes the ride smooth when I get to those areas on the path that are a bit bumpy. My biggest concern with the bike was the fit. I am 5' 2" and wasn't sure I could find a bike to fit me. This Aurora model had a smaller wheel size which fits me perfectly. I don't even have to drop the seat height to it lowest setting so it would even fit a more petite rider. I do wonder sometimes why the bikes are so heavy, around 55#. This really isn't a problem when riding the bike but I don't think I could lift it up onto a bike rake without some help. Other then the weight, I couldn't be more happy with my purchase!

Mark Konrath
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
20 miles per week

What a great experience buying my first electrical assist bike has been. I will have to say I was hesitant to buy my first electric bike and especially hesitant to purchase it online. My first real experience with electric assist bikes was on a trip to Montreal, Canada where they were much more common than in the states. When I returned home to Wisconsin I started to research them on the internet. My research kept returning me to EVELO because they had the best information on the bikes and the components.

When I decide I would like to purchase one I looked locally in the Milwaukee area and was able to find a few ambassadors who sold the bikes but who were not able to give me as much information as I had gotten from EVELO. When comparing prices I found I could get much more bike for the price from EVELO than anywhere local. Once purchased shipping was done in a very timely manner with constant updates and follow us from the EVELO staff. Once I received the bike the staff went out of their way to be sure I was happy with my purchase.

Being in Wisconsin I was not able to ride the bike much until winter was over but now that it is I use it all the time. When I need to run an errand or just feel like getting outside I get on my bike and enjoy a leisurely and enjoyable trip that doesn't pollute or cost me anything other than a few cents of electricity. This bike is one of the best purchases I have made. Also, I would highly recommend getting the NuVinci N360. I did and absolutely love it. Thanks to everyone at EVELO!

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising
50 miles per week

I had the absolute best customer service experience with Evelo that I've ever had with any company. We currently live in California but are moving to Washington state and I wanted to take advantage of the labor day special that Evelo was offering, but I did not want to have the bikes shipped to us here in California only to have to move them shortly thereafter. The customer service rep went out of his way to come up with a solution to get us what we need. He also helped us decide on the bikes we wanted, being very thorough in his answers, as well as responding very quickly to my questions. I don't think I've ever been treated so well by any company, and Evelo was rewarded with our purchase of two Aurora bikes. We love Evelo and highly recommend them as they know how to do customer service right. While we've not received our bikes yet (we are having the shipping delayed until we move) we sure do love the company!

New York
Uses Evelo for: recreation

I got the Omni Wheel two months ago, and I am very satisfy with it. With the 3 modes of biking assist, I can do my normal training with the lowest setting, or venture into any unknown trail that I would have never tried. I don't have to worry if the trail is too long, or if it is too deep. I know the Omni Wheel will help me to come back with minimal effort, if I choose to.

I'm not an athletic person, but within these two months, I rode so many miles exploring new biking trails. Riding a lot more miles than my last 10 years combined.

I had some difficulty putting the parts onto the bike and I had to contact the customer support twice. Although they always response back within 24 hours, that is 24 hours x2 too late to try out the new toy. I have to take off 1 star from the simplistic documentation, and some small quality issue on the riding sensor. Overall, it is a great product and I would certainly buy it again.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, commuting
40 miles per week

Our experience has been very good. I had some concerns around purchasing ebikes on the internet, but there were no problems and everything worked out very well. Customer Service replied all my questions very quickly.

Allen Thompson
Uses Evelo for: recreation, commuting

I purchased my Aurora e-bike from Evelo in mid August of this year. I have been very impressed both with the bike and the great support I have received from Evelo .

I usually ride my bike for a 13 mile round trip commute on my work days. The bike is an absolute dream to ride, gliding along the beautiful bike trail by our local river and giving me more than adequate assistance to get me up the mile long, 6% uphill grade on the way home. On weekends I often ride the bike to take care of errands, to get to events in Seattle proper (I live in the close in suburb of Tukwila) or I strike out to get scenic exercise exploring local bike trails and less traveled roads.

So far I have put over 400 miles on the odometer. On hilly terrain, I, a 260 pound man, have gone as far as 41 miles before recharging without coming close to running out of battery power. Whenever I have needed help or had any questions, Evelo staff have been prompt and excellent in providing support by phone and e-mail. Because I am so pleased with my Aurora, I have decided to accept Evelo’s invitation to be part of their Ambassador program.

If you are in the greater Seattle area and would like to try riding an Evelo bike yourself, do not hesitate to contact me through the Ambassador program. I would be pleased to let you ride my Aurora.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising
100 miles per week

I have put over 200 miles on my EVELO in the past few weeks. Nothing but fun. And more fun! After 25 miles on pedal assist I still have over half a battery charge left. Hills become flat. I have been riding on pavement, dirt roads, and trails in the forest. Riding a regular bike is quite a bit of work in hilly areas like where I live. My EVELO makes riding fun. When I go to public places like the farmers market, half the people ask me about my bike and think it looks pretty cool. It's a great ice-breaker.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising

We researched e-bikes quite a bit before choosing EVELO. The customer service was excellent and they helped us on a few minor questions regarding assembly right away. After riding the bikes in hilly Colorado for a few weeks, we are absolutely thrilled with our EVELOs. We can pedal for exercise or have pedal assist uphill, and the NuVinci system is incredibly smooth. Bravo!