Testimonial 32 – Allen T

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Since we founded EVELO in 2011, thousands of people now have an electric bike they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Allen Thompson
Uses Evelo for: recreation, commuting

I purchased my Aurora e-bike from Evelo in mid August of this year. I have been very impressed both with the bike and the great support I have received from Evelo .

I usually ride my bike for a 13 mile round trip commute on my work days. The bike is an absolute dream to ride, gliding along the beautiful bike trail by our local river and giving me more than adequate assistance to get me up the mile long, 6% uphill grade on the way home. On weekends I often ride the bike to take care of errands, to get to events in Seattle proper (I live in the close in suburb of Tukwila) or I strike out to get scenic exercise exploring local bike trails and less traveled roads.

So far I have put over 400 miles on the odometer. On hilly terrain, I, a 260 pound man, have gone as far as 41 miles before recharging without coming close to running out of battery power. Whenever I have needed help or had any questions, Evelo staff have been prompt and excellent in providing support by phone and e-mail. Because I am so pleased with my Aurora, I have decided to accept Evelo’s invitation to be part of their Ambassador program.

If you are in the greater Seattle area and would like to try riding an Evelo bike yourself, do not hesitate to contact me through the Ambassador program. I would be pleased to let you ride my Aurora.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising
100 miles per week

I have put over 200 miles on my EVELO in the past few weeks. Nothing but fun. And more fun! After 25 miles on pedal assist I still have over half a battery charge left. Hills become flat. I have been riding on pavement, dirt roads, and trails in the forest. Riding a regular bike is quite a bit of work in hilly areas like where I live. My EVELO makes riding fun. When I go to public places like the farmers market, half the people ask me about my bike and think it looks pretty cool. It's a great ice-breaker.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising

We researched e-bikes quite a bit before choosing EVELO. The customer service was excellent and they helped us on a few minor questions regarding assembly right away. After riding the bikes in hilly Colorado for a few weeks, we are absolutely thrilled with our EVELOs. We can pedal for exercise or have pedal assist uphill, and the NuVinci system is incredibly smooth. Bravo!

Uses Evelo for: recreation

I love my Evelo Aurora

It was well worth the money

The bike is very well built and very comfortable to ride

It make climbing hills a breeze

Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, exercising
85 miles per week

I recently turned 65. This spring as I was dusting off my 17 year old road bike I thought it might be time to replace it with something more comfortable, something with suspension. While researching online I came across electrically assisted bikes which led me to Evelo. I did a bit of research and it didn't take any time to convince me to make the move to an eBike.

After a brief email exchange with Boris, who was very helpful, I ordered my new bike. Now, I don't ever hesitate to go out for a ride if it's windy and I don't avoid hilly terrains (I actually search out the routes with the most hills) and enjoy keeping up with all of my biking friends, many who are much younger than me! I did opt for the 500 watt motor and the 60 mile battery so I wouldn't ever have to worry about running short on power and I've never been close to doing so even on a 48 mile ride, my farthest so far.

I also just turned over 1000 miles on the odometer in a little over 3 months. One early concern I had was with the weight of the bike. My current bike is titanium and weighs about 23 pounds so I was concerned with the 60 pound weight of the Evelo. The only time it's been an issue is on a foot bridge that I had to carry the bike up and over. I wouldn't want to do that on a regular basis but in every day use weight is not a problem. Another concern was being able to use a powered bike on our many paved bike trails but eBikes are approved with up to 1000 watt motors.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, exercising

The overall experience was terrific. The website was easy to navigate and informative. When I had some questions, I received a call back in a short period of time. The bike arrived on time and was easy to assemble. I first purchased an Aurora. We liked it so much a few months later we purchased an Aries.

The Aurora is our go to "ride around town" bike. We take it to lunch. Parking is no longer an issue. We take both bikes up to Mammoth Mountain and ride them around. Having an electric bike at 8500' altitude helps tremendously. Now we can ride up to the lakes, not just down from the lakes. The Aries handled the mountain bike trails with ease.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, exercising

The help during purchase was on target and the shipping was fast. I couldn't wait to get it. I watched the video three times and was ready mentally as soon as I got it out of the box. The instructions were clear, everything was there and I had little trouble assembling within about 2 to 3 hours. Waiting for the battery to charge up was painful :-) I smile normally riding a bike but my first ride on this bike made me smile even wider.

I only have the use of one leg due to polio as a child and have been thinking and researching about electric bikes for over three years. I was not interested in twist and go, I'm looking for exercise so various levels of assist appealed to me. Also, I could see the wisdom where the motor was located. It's amazing how much less power is needed because of the gearing options. I have been able to go as many as 65 miles on pedal assist, far better than advertised and easily get 45 to 50 miles when traveling at a higher rate of speed... The bike started out feeling kind of heavy but as I road further it became lighter feeling. I find the twist and go feature to be very beneficial at intersections and to get started. I have felt much safer riding on this bike. The nuvinci option is worth every penny of it.

I used to be able to ride with only 10 to 15 miles, now I can write 30 to 40 miles opening up so many more possibilities. I used to ride 20 to 25 miles per week now I ride 80 to 100 and have lost 7 pounds in my first six weeks of riding.

I can't think of anything I would change. I like the light integrated into the battery, having a break light, a readout of how many watts are being used by the motor, saddlebags, the saddle, tie downs, knowing how fast and how far along with the riding position. The only thing I added was a review mirror.

I love this bike and will be getting an Aries for my wife soon!!

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising
50 miles per week

WOW, were do I start, what a wonderful experience this has been for me. I love me ebike, I just wished I had not waited so long to purchase my evelo electric bike. The staff as been with me from the first inquiry and is still just a email or phone call away. They take great care and pride in there ebike and customer service. The delivery was smooth as was the putting a couple of things together for the bike to be ready for my first ride. I have 150 miles on my evelo and have lost 10 pounds...yes I love my evelo ebike. Evelo has a neat thing called the Ambassador program where someone living close to you has a bike and they will meet up with you and let you ride their bike, this is what sold me on the bike ...I got to ride one and fell in love with it. So thank you EVELO for all you have done to make me a Happy Ebike Owner.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, commuting
75 miles per week

My Aurora arrived 4-14-15, Assembly went smooth, only one small issue with the entire bike, the front wheel needed to be trued. Took it to my LBS and Evelo reimbursed me very quickly.

I purchased the NU-Vinci N360 (it is wonderful) with the 250w motor and extended range battery, a great combination. So glad I did not get the 500w motor as I must put in a good bit of effort to make some of the hills around town, (visualize Lombard St. San Francisco) with the 500 I think I would just be along for the ride and not get the exercise I want/need. For the rest of my riding the 250w motor has exceeded my hopes and expectations.

I have not been on a bike regularly for 35+ years so the legs are not what they used to be. I used to ride a lot, back in the day kids delivered newspapers 6 days a week, my route was 4 miles long. I have been so grateful for the power assist, I ride more, ride longer and get more exercise. So far I have 127 miles, still getting used to it and collecting all the equipment to be safe on the road and prepared for longer trips.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, commuting
70 miles per week

Review of Evelo Aurora: A Really Outstanding e-Bike!

I am a 70 year-old male, novice, bicyclist. In 2015, I purchased the Evelo Aurora (with 500 watt motor, 48V 14.5 Ah Extended-Range Battery, and a NuVinci Drivetrain) to replace my EG Monte Carlo EX 500. After about 200 hilly miles, about half on rough Vermont dirt roads, the following are my comments:

• The mid-drive motor is great. More power on hills and quieter than a rear hub drive.
• NuvVinci drivetrain is outstanding. Quiet and smooth. Much better than conventional gears.
• Easy to assemble. Took about 1 hour. Instructions were clear.
• Seat was OK but I'm in the process of replacing it with a deeper channel. $40 rebate from Evelo is a nice perk.
• Very comfortable. A nice compromise between a mountain bike and a cruiser-style bike.
• I live in Vermont and travel on both rough dirt and paved roads. Handles everything well. Soundly built. No rattles.
• Customer service is outstanding! It's really nice to talk to people who are bicyclists and really know their products, in detail, and enjoy talking about them.
• Had a problem with the battery becoming loose within its case and breaking a wire. Evelo quickly helped me trouble shoot the problem and took the initiative to arrange for a local bike shop to make the repair. I decided to repair it myself but Evelo's support was exceptional. I've had no other problems with the bike even though I use it on some pretty rough dirt roads.

I took a financial beating when I sold my EG bike but I'm really glad I took the plunge. I'm seriously considering buying a second Aurora for my partner. I'm willing to respond to questions directed to Mike at: mikesz45@yahoo.com.