Testimonial 11 – Bill

Customer Stories


Since we founded EVELO in 2011, thousands of people now have an electric bike they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Bill Hanlon
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
35 miles per week

I took a chance and ordered the bike without ever seeing one. The best move I ever made. I’m 71 and have had 5 heart attacks, and I live at the base of a mountain where all roads are up and down, even the bike trails. When I received my Aurora, I was instantly pleased. Now I do 3-10 miles a day and the ups and downs are just one level bike path for me. I walk taller, feel better, sleep well and, yes, my heart doctor likes the improvement. The bike is only surpassed by the customer service! I have been made to feel like one of the EVELO family.

Amanda Z.
Ithaca, NY
Uses Evelo for: errands, commuting
100 miles per week

Customer care is excellent. I did have a problem in the beginning with the pedal assist sensor. Their people got back in touch with me immediately. The sensor needed to be replaced. I decided to try to do the replacement myself. They sent me all the parts and any tools I needed. The replacement took about 20 minutes.

The people at Evelo were very concerned about getting me back on my bike ASAP and were able to walk me though the process. That experience made it clear that buying the bike on line was a sound decision. As for the bike itself, it is so much nicer than any e bikes I have seen locally. There is no doubt that I made an excellent decision in choosing Evelo.

Steve F.
North Carolina
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting, exercising

I bought a bicycle to ride to work but didn't do it. Then I added an electric bike kit to my bicycle; that was enough to get me to start commuting by bicycle. After awhile, I wanted to upgrade my electric bike experience. The Evelo Aurora seemed to fit the bill with a powerful (500W) motor in a mid-drive configuration and whopping battery life. Putting it together was easy. I had a few minor questions that customer service was great help with. Because I wanted to use the bike for trips to the grocery store, I needed some options for panniers; I found some inexpensive motorcycle bags that worked great just draped over the battery.

My wife and her friends have wondered if having an electric motor defeats the exercise purpose of riding a bicycle. I've explained that having fun riding an electric bike is a lot more exercise than having a non-electric bike and not riding it.

Ron Wheeler
Boulder, CO
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
30 miles per week

Customer service was flawless in its dealings with me, to the point of sending me a new bike when I only ordered a refurbished bike, when the refurbished one they had could not be made adequate according to their standards.