Testimonial 19 – Terry

Customer Stories


Since we founded EVELO in 2011, thousands of people now have an electric bike they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, exercising
100 miles per week

I tested and researched several "E" bikes before choosing the Aries for me and the Aurora for my wife from EVELO. I have had my Aries for a few weeks now and have already ridden over 300 miles....so far. It is very quiet, powerful and comfortable. Utilizing its mid-drive motor I haven't found a hill I cannot climb, with ease. With the throttle control and power selection, you decide how much pedaling and exercise you want. You have the ultimate control of this bike!

The folks at EVELO have been great to work with. They contacted me prior to my ordering the bikes to answer all of my questions. They have followed up after the purchase to insure that decision was the right one for me. They have been a very good company to work with, both their customer service and their corporate ethics are second to none.

If you're looking for the ultimate in E-bikes, with pedal assist, look no further than EVELO. For the features available at this price point I don't believe you can do better.

Uses Evelo for: recreation
50 miles per week

We purchased our electric bikes last summer and have really enjoyed riding them in the Colorado Rockies. They are very well made, with the exception of the front fender. We removed this and mounted the light directly to the bike, and this has worked well. The customer service was excellent and they were always very prompt in answering any questions we had. When riding very steep hills for a long period of time, we have had the power stop working, but it has always come back after stopping for a few minutes. I am glad we purchased the more powerful battery, as it is nice to have for all day excursions. Overall, we are very happy with our bikes and would not hesitate to buy from Evelo again.

Don & Lorri
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting
75 miles per week

We are finally taking a break away from riding our bikes long enough to sit down and write a well deserved review on our experience riding these exceptional pieces of machinery!!

We have been riding since May. We researched a fair amount of electric bikes available before we decided to purchase the Evelo. We were a bit apprehensive, buying a bike we had not seen in person much less ridden, but am sooo glad we went with a leap of faith. These bikes are extremely sturdy, well built and incredibly FUN!!! There isn't a hill we haven't conquered with the power assist at our fingertips. We glide over every terrain we come across with ease. They have plenty of power and are super comfortable.

It didn't take us but a few times out on our bikes to inquire about becoming "independent agents". We have recently retired and riding these bikes on a daily basis is one of the daily blessings we want to share with all who are interested! We now hope to introduce the Island of Kauai to our new found fun!! It is just so perfect for people like us who maybe don't have the stamina we once did to climb the steep terrain we used to.

The best part of having these bikes for us has been that we can ride places there would be no way we could with out that power assist, and we can work as hard as we want to and rest when we need to without having to stop! We now use these bikes to go to the grocery store, post office, library, hardware store, out to lunch...and other little errands we used to jump into the car for. Becoming "green" couldn't get any more enjoyable, and that wasn't even a part of our thought process when purchasing these delightful bicycles.

I can't say enough good things about these bikes, just that if anyone wants to get outside and more active than they are right now...here's your chance!! (And to do it at the pace that is right for you.)

Barb M.
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
40 miles per week

From beginning to end, my experience was without complaint or problem. I had every question (and I had at least two weeks of them!) answered so

that I could comprehend and learn about the use of an electric bike. I tried one other bike and was able to try the Evelo before making my decision. When I finally decided to "go for it" I wanted to pay by check and that was conveniently and quickly arranged. The personal attention to the model I chose was especially helpful and appreciated.

Uses Evelo for: recreation, commuting
110 miles per week

This past summer was spent riding around Europe on a few eBikes. I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them here so when I returned I searched for one. After trying many different bikes at stores locally I realized that these bikes were a lot more expensive than I had thought...typically $2800 - $3500 for a bike I liked.

I came accross EVELO on the internet and liked what I saw but not ready to plunk down a chunk of money for a bike I couldn't test ride. They had figured that out with an EVELO Ambassador...someone near me who is willing to show their personal bike. I fell in love with it right off the bat and took the risk of ordering over the internet...very glad I did,too. The bike was shipped in 5 days and easily put together...rides really well. I use it to commute to and from work...about 22 miles a day.

Oh, and I'm a big guy...6'5..300 lbs...so they gang at EVELO sent me a special bike seat post AND a handle bar post extension ( for free) to give me the height I needed. it's perfect...love riding it and not getting winded on the steep hills. The best part of all of this is that the customer service has been great...they are available by phone or call back within an hour to answer my questions... I LOVE this BIKE!

Ken W.
40 miles per week

I joined Weight Watchers on January 10, 2015 in an effort to lose 50 pounds. To increase the odds, I bought an Evelo Aurora at the end of January and have enjoyed it more than any biking experience ever!

In less than 90 days I have lost 25 pounds already! And it has been fun. I have 6 bikes and sometimes don't go riding because I'm just too tired...but with my Aurora I go anyway because I know I have a little 'push' with the electric motor. I only use it when I need it and on the first charge I rode over 40 miles before the charging meter left the top bar (of 5), so I think I've only used up 20% of the charge in 40 miles! I have used at the third level (of 5 power levels) at most and to help my old body (I'm 63) up steeper hills but while I'm pedaling as well.

It is easy to use the bike, easy to catch on to, and I must add the NuVince 360 Hub is the bomb...makes the bike work like an automatic transmission with no clickety-clackety noise of gear changing and without having to just turn the pedal crank lightly while shifting. Everybody ought to have one of these bikes!

Uses Evelo for: recreation, exercising
75 miles per week

I recently turned 65. This spring as I was dusting off my 17 year old road bike I thought it might be time to replace it with something more comfortable, something with suspension.

While researching online I came across electrically assisted bikes which led me to Evelo. I did a bit of research and it didn't take any time to convince me to make the move to an eBike. After a brief email exchange with Boris, who was very helpful, I ordered my new bike.

Now, I don't ever hesitate to go out for a ride if it's windy and I don't avoid hilly terrains (I actually search out the routes with the most hills) and enjoy keeping up with all of my biking friends, many who are much younger than me! I did opt for the 500 watt motor and the 60 mile battery so I wouldn't ever have to worry about running short on power and I've never been close to doing so even on a 48 mile ride, my farthest so far. I also just turned over 1000 miles on the odometer in a little over 3 months.

One early concern I had was with the weight of the bike. My current bike is titanium and weighs about 23 pounds so I was concerned with the 60 pound weight of the Evelo. The only time it's been an issue is on a foot bridge that I had to carry the bike up and over. I wouldn't want to do that on a regular basis but in every day use weight is not a problem. Another concern was being able to use a powered bike on our many paved bike trails but eBikes are approved with up to 1000 watt motors.

Bill Hanlon
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands
35 miles per week

I took a chance and ordered the bike without ever seeing one. The best move I ever made. I’m 71 and have had 5 heart attacks, and I live at the base of a mountain where all roads are up and down, even the bike trails. When I received my Aurora, I was instantly pleased. Now I do 3-10 miles a day and the ups and downs are just one level bike path for me. I walk taller, feel better, sleep well and, yes, my heart doctor likes the improvement. The bike is only surpassed by the customer service! I have been made to feel like one of the EVELO family.

Amanda Z.
Ithaca, NY
Uses Evelo for: errands, commuting
100 miles per week

Customer care is excellent. I did have a problem in the beginning with the pedal assist sensor. Their people got back in touch with me immediately. The sensor needed to be replaced. I decided to try to do the replacement myself. They sent me all the parts and any tools I needed. The replacement took about 20 minutes.

The people at Evelo were very concerned about getting me back on my bike ASAP and were able to walk me though the process. That experience made it clear that buying the bike on line was a sound decision. As for the bike itself, it is so much nicer than any e bikes I have seen locally. There is no doubt that I made an excellent decision in choosing Evelo.

Steve F.
North Carolina
Uses Evelo for: recreation, errands, commuting, exercising

I bought a bicycle to ride to work but didn't do it. Then I added an electric bike kit to my bicycle; that was enough to get me to start commuting by bicycle. After awhile, I wanted to upgrade my electric bike experience. The Evelo Aurora seemed to fit the bill with a powerful (500W) motor in a mid-drive configuration and whopping battery life. Putting it together was easy. I had a few minor questions that customer service was great help with. Because I wanted to use the bike for trips to the grocery store, I needed some options for panniers; I found some inexpensive motorcycle bags that worked great just draped over the battery.

My wife and her friends have wondered if having an electric motor defeats the exercise purpose of riding a bicycle. I've explained that having fun riding an electric bike is a lot more exercise than having a non-electric bike and not riding it.