Feel young again


Our e-bikes let people of all ages and abilities feel like a kid again.


Keep in shape the healthy way.

As you age, staying in shape is more important than ever. An electric bike is an amazing way to comfortably build strength, while not having to worry about injuries.

Never get tired or out of breath.

Whether it’s a ride through nature or running errands around town, nothing is as stressful as getting somewhere amazing and then feeling too exhausted to head back. With the electric assist of your EVELO, you’re no longer limited by the strength of your legs.

Conquer hills with ease.

Never worry about hills on the way back. Our state-of-the-art mid-drive motor allows you to climb hills, forget about headwinds, and bike for long distances effortlessly.

Enjoy family time outdoors.

Biking is a great family activity. Your spouse, kids and grandkids will love it when you show up with your new electric bike. Now, you’ll have a great new activity to do as a family.

Have a great time!

On your EVELO, you’ll feel like a kid again. Think of all the great fun you’ll have zipping along on your fantastic new electric bike. Let the motor help you to keep up with everyone else and travel farther than you’ve dared ride on a regular bike — all while enjoying yourself. 

discover the Evelo difference.