Want to Participate in the Electric Bike Challenge?

Wonderful! You’re in the right place.

Applying to participate in the Challenge is simple. Just review the requirements listed below and fill out the application.

The Rules



To be eligible, participants have to:

- Complete the purchase of the EVELO Electric Bicycle between March 1st to March 31st, 2014.
- Apply to participate in the Challenge within 15 days of placing the purchase by submitting the application below.
- Commit to riding regularly during a  30-day period between April 1st to May 31st, 2014.
- Submit a weekly blog post + progress update to the EVELO team (photos or videos are encouraged!) by Sunday of each week.
- Consent to the weekly blog post + photos/videos to be published on the EVELO site.

If the requirements above are met, at the completion of the challenge, you will receive $10 for every pound lost within the 30 day period (up to 20 in total).

* Cannot be combined with other promotions. If a different promotion is applied at the time of purchase, the applied discount will be subtracted from the total amount earned during the Challenge.


Application Form



About the Challenge

Lose weight and get paid! EVELO customers who purchase an electric bike by April 20th can participate in the 30-day challenge this Spring and will get paid $10 for every pound they lose. Learn more.


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