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I couldn’t wait to get started on the Challenge. It has been on the forefront of my thoughts since I was accepted into the program on

Dierdre and her Aurora

Dierdre and her Aurora

March 25. I am like a kid at Christmas: When will it start? Come on – let’s get this party going!

Why am I so excited? Remember when we were kids and the feel of freedom that we got when we rode our bikes. Well, that same sense of freedom is what I feel when I ride my EVELO Aurora bike. I step on my bike and it is like flying. Headed down the road – not stressed out because my knee hurts or I am out of breath – but enjoying the scenery and the breeze on my bike is so FUN!

So, why compete in the EVELO challenge? I want to be committed to wellness and a 30-day public challenge is the best accountability I know of. Losing weight is a big benefit of exercise and I hope that I do lose 20 pounds. But more than weight loss – I want to be committed to a way of life that promotes healthy choices and promotes a positive mental attitude, while saving the environment by driving less; having fun. Now that the winter of 2013-14 is behind us, all I see is sunshine ahead and biking ahead.

Day One: It is a windy, cold Colorado morning and I have a 30-mile ride ahead of me. On any other bike – I would have blown off the opportunity to ride, but on the EVELO bike I knew the bike would support whatever I would face on the ride today. My bike did not let me down. I rode up hill in 20 mile per hour winds and with the power assist I made it to the top of every hill with energy to spare. When I got home – I was so darn proud of myself.

The worst part of this week is that my butt is tired – it was not prepared to ride everyday. But by day four – well, it is getting in shape. Two days a week I ride up to Fort Collins for pottery classes. The ride is 15 miles each way. What a great way to start a day.

I bought a pannier/backpack that is awesome. I can ride home with 6 pottery mugs and no concerns about their safety or mine. The other days I am discovering local bike paths and even rode half way up to Estes Park. The hills were steep, but with my pedal assist – they were no challenge for me. Seriously, I can’t stop smiling about my EVELO Aurora bike. It has been a great week and I look forward to the rest of the challenge – and years of happy riding.

Meet Challenger #3

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Meet Mary from Seattle! As a newcomer to Seattle, which comes in as #4 on the 10 Most Bike Friendly Cities in America, Mary couldn’t wait to get biking on her new EVELO Electric Bike! In fact, the day she got her new bike, she went for a 14 mile bike ride!

Mary has been very athletic and an avid bike rider in the past. However she has both of her hips replaced in 2010, and traditional bikes leave her tired far from home and she worried about not being able to make it back. Electric bikes allow her to peddle as long as she can go and then use the assist to get home.

Mary’s goal is to lose 10 pounds this month on the challenge as well as riding every day. Her biggest obstacles will be the weather and not being consistent. Mary said she is really doing this challenge for herself. She does so much for other people, but then falls short in doing good things for herself. She sees this challenge as a way to invest in herself and the challenge brings her added accountability!

With plenty of bike riding trails and a city that embraces cyclist, Mary is sure that she will be able to keep her goal of biking every day during the challenge. Check back next week and see where Mary has been and get an update on her challenge goals!

Meet Challenger #2

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I had a great time chatting with Gerardo, our second challenger for 2014. El Centro, California, is where he calls home. Gerardo is

2014 Challenger #2

2014 Challenger #2

excited to get started on this challenge as he says he needs motivation to lose some weight and he is hoping this challenge is the perfect way to get started!

Like most of us, Gerardo has a job where he sits for most of his day. It’s hard to find time to exercise and lose weight when he’s stationary at work and tired when he gets home. Combined with the rising gas prices and the desire shed some extra pounds, Gerardo is looking to use his commute to work to help him get his exercise.

Having bad knees and not being a current bike rider, Gerardo thought that the electric bike would be a good fit for him. When he got his bike and went for his first ride, he knew that it was a perfect match. He is already using his bike for his commute to work!

Gerardo is looking to lose 20 pounds this month on the Challenge. Evening commutes are hot in El Centro, which has the second hottest average temperatures in the country! Gerardo is motivated by the challenge to keep him using his bike every day!

Check back in with Gerardo next week to see how his first week on the challenge goes!

Meet Challenger #1!

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Our first Challenger is Diedre! She is 57 years old and hails from Colorado!

Diedre is a veteran electric bike rider, but is a new EVELO Electric Bike owner and is ecstatic that she found us! She hasn’t been able to ride through the Colorado winter much, so she’s just getting back on her bike after her “winter break”!

Diedre is excited to start this 30 Day Electric Bike Challenge, though her main goal is not to lose weight, but increase her riding activity. She is hoping to increase her bike riding to 100 miles per week during this 30 Day Challenge!

I talked to Diedre about her obstacles in this challenge. She told me that she originally found out about electric bikes because she has a bad knee. Traditional bikes are difficult for her to pedal, but exercising her knee is important. Electric bikes were the perfect alternative.

Diedre also noted that the weather will be an obstacle for her as well. In Colorado it’s still a bit chilly and she is not fond of riding in the cold! She’s hoping the accountability the 30 day challenge provides will get her out, even if the weather isn’t the best!

Diedre also realized that she doesn’t know where to go when she’s riding her bike. She’s never sure if she should ride her bike or take her car when she’s running errands. She also wants to find new places to ride. Diedre will be looking for ways to increase using her bike for errands and finding new trails in her area to ride on!

We’re happy to wish Diedre good luck on her 30 Day Electric Bike Challenge! She’ll be back early next week to catch you up on her progress!

EVELO Issues a New Challenge!

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Summer is just around the corner! It’s almost time to hit the bike trails and take some leisurely bike rides to the countryside! It’s just about now when we start feeling those “winter pounds” and the stiffness of less movement over the winter. This year at EVELO, we’re challenging you to get ready for summer with a fun challenge!

Last year, we challenged people to change the way they commute. We asked challenge participants trade their car keys for thirty days and take their electric bikes with them wherever their day lead them! The challenge followed participants as they biked to work, the grocery store and even the beach! Some participants had to be creative to get to where they were going (see Dorian biking with his surf board in Hawaii!) and other participants had to learn how to enjoy the rain like Stan did in Denver, while David learned the power of the electric bike helped on Big Hill Rd!

This year we’re going to challenge participants to Get Ready for Summer and lose some unwanted winter pounds! The challenge is easy – participants will be selected from new EVELO Electric bike owners. The challenge participants will commit to riding their bikes regularly and EVELO will pay them $10 for each pound lost (up to 20 pounds) during the 30 day challenge!

Getting outside for some exercise is more fun when you enjoy the activity you’re doing! Electric bikes are a fun way to get exercise, increase mobility and lose some unwanted pounds. It’s easy to get started and we’ll help you stay motivated! Getting paid to lose weight and have fun!? Who’s in?

The challenge starts now! There’s never been a better reason to own an EVELO Electric bike! Find your perfect bike at

The Wrap Up AKA Turning the Frown Upside Down

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This has been a whirlwind of a month.  Commuting solely with an electric bike has been a very interesting experience, and now is a great time to reflect on my initial goals and expectations.

Initial goal = Decrease our family car need from two to one

Status = Failure

Mary (The Wife) was quite right about how hard it is to go cold turkey on dropping down to become a one-car household.  Despite my best efforts, twice this past month we found ourselves absolutely having to use both cars at the same time.

Moving forward, I would still like to greatly decrease the use of our second vehicle and put it into storage in our garage.  I do, however, believe that the “convenience” factor of having a second car available may greatly undermine my willpower.

Initial goal = Improve health without significantly impacting my “normal” schedule

Status = Success!

This is probably where I have noticed the most impact on my everyday life.  Building in an hour or more of physical activity most days has been great.  I have trimmed down a little, and I feel more energetic than I have in years.  My mornings are an adventure instead of a chore.

Moving forward, I would like to keep this up indefinitely.  I do not see a significant downside other than getting wet/cold a few times (although those are often the most thrilling rides!).

Initial goal = Decrease fuel/maintenance costs associated with driving a car

Status = Success!

I keep track of all of our expenses, and I can say we easily saved around $125 in fuel costs alone during the last month.  That — along with decreased insurance rates from putting the second car in storage — should equal a net gain of (minimum) $1750 per year, which will pay off the e-bike purchase in just over one  year.  Vehicle maintenance costs will greatly slow down as well, but I have no way to reliably estimate those gains.  As for electricity cost to charge the bike’s battery, I compared our electricity bill to last year and I believe it increased by about $4.

Overall Results

All in all, I am very pleased with the challenge and the bicycle.  I was able to work through some unexpected road bumps with minor mechanical issues without derailing my life. I am very excited to see this technology continue to improve and slowly move into mainstream America.

Turning the frown upside down


Mary on bike (Medium)My first blog post “Selling it to the Wife” was almost completely dedicated to the decision to move towards an electric bike and my adventure in convincing my skeptical wife that this was doable.

To quote her on more than one occasion during this challenge — “I am going to have to drive you everywhere!” But this evening I  finally got her onto the e-bike to take the kiddos out for a ride. In addition to seeing her wearing the classic “e-bike smile,” I believe the ride (and my persistence) convinced her that I am committed to using bikes as a viable mode of family transportation.

I would like to thank family and friends who have supported my little adventure and, of course, EVELO for making it possible.

Final Reflections & Aloha

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by Dorian Buck 1 Comment

As I reach the end of my 30 days in Honolulu on the electric bike, I must say that undertaking this challenge has resulted in many lifestyle changes. First off, my overall feeling of well-being and happiness is much higher than normal. My level of interest at work and my attitude toward the task at hand is improving. I guess partly that’s because I have been getting a lot of fresh air and exercise, but it’s also thanks to the endorphins and dopamine that are the byproducts of a more active lifestyle.

Puu Ualakaa Sunset SilhouetteMore than just exercise, however, is the people I’ve met and the good conversations and experiences we’ve shared thanks to the electric bike. I get lots of questions about the bike, so I get involved in interesting discussions with people I would have never otherwise met. I’d like to keep up this active lifestyle longer, at least to the end of summer. I can see myself using the electric bike even when the weather isn’t so pleasant, well into the future. After all, I wound up purchasing the bike so it’s all mine to zip around on!

So far I haven’t had any major issues with the bike. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it’s been surprisingly awesome the whole way, with no mechanical problems. The one thing that does worry me is having to leave it locked to a pole or bike rack, given that it’s a very valuable item and highly sought after by thieves. But all I can do is be as careful as possible.

I have missed my road bike and my fixie during the past month, and I have wound up using them once or twice during the challenge. But since most of my trips have been long distance and time-sensitive, the electric-assist bike was perfect for me.

It’s actually kind of hard to compare the different styles. Most of the time I feel so relaxed biking with the electric bike. I hardly break a sweat, which is a nice advantage at work, where I do a lot of short trips between clients.

But then again …. there is that special feeling you get when you are cranking, giving it your all to get up a hill, and you feel “at one with the bike” so to speak. I haven’t had that feeling while riding the electric bike – I’ve been too busy relaxing and enjoying the ride. I guess I kind of think of traditional bikes as a purer form of transportation – just you and the bike. But I can see how the electric-assist bike will revolutionize the way we perceive biking in the future.

One other difference between electric and regular bikes is the big weight difference, which does affect the handling and biking technique, not to mention hauling the bike up stairs if that becomes necessary. But looking back 10 years ago in time to when I worked as a bike messenger in downtown Philadelphia, I sure wish the electric-assist bike technology had existed then. I would have made so much more money biking 10 hour days, 6 days a week!.

One other result of taking part in the Challenge? My wife really wants one now. Maybe next year we’ll get one for her. She is an aggressive rider so the Aurora bike we have would work for her too. It’ll be fun to be able to hit the road together and arrive home energized from a good ride instead of me being exhausted from trying to keep up with her!

photo by: madmarv00

30 Days Inspires Me While Others Take Note

Posted on: June 10th, 2013 by Elsa Galvan 2 Comments

It’s nearing the end of my 30 days of challenge, and my husband is now commuting to work by bike. Although he does not ride an e-bike (he rides an all-carbon race bike), I know that I have inspired him to do it. And there have been some interesting results. For example, we just finally had to fill the gas tanks in our cars – after an incredible (for us!) 3 -1/2 weeks. We’ve even talked about how weird it feels when we have to drive to work.

One day my husband actually met me at work on his bike, so that he could ride home with me. You can’t do that when you’re both driving cars! On the way home, he laughed as he noticed my bike “take off” from a complete stop. He said that it is totally noticeable how much pickup the bike has. I upgraded to the NuVinci, and boy am I glad that I did. The ability to shift while at a stop, especially on a hill, is priceless (especially in the Berkeley and San Francisco area).

Everyone at work has been so supportive and many are intrigued by the thought of an electric bike. One of my coworkers actually walked out to the garage with me after work one day to try out my bike. She was almost giddy when she returned after taking my bike for a spin, and couldn’t stop saying how much fun it was. Now she is thinking about purchasing one too.

One thing I have noticed through this process is that I didn’t realize how many people already commute to work by bike. I have run into a lot of people at the bike racks, and there seems to be an appreciation and respect for one another that is missing from those who jump in their cars as quickly as possible for the dreaded drive home. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that we are making an effort to consume less and contribute more, or what, but it is a good feeling to share that with someone. I have even discussed the possibility of starting a cycling club with others at work to see if we can involve more people. I have a feeling that my electric bike will ensure that I’ll be the one at the front of the pack on some of the hills near our workplace!

photo by: Sarah Korf

Rainy Days and Mondays … Don’t Get Me Down

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I live and work in Denver, which boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year. Frankly, I love sunshine.

But there is the occasional rainy day. Luckily my recent electric bike ride took place on a warm day that just happened to have some rain. So instead of griping, I savored the experience.

After finishing up at a client’s office, I took a moment to mentally prepare for my route home. Which route would have the least number of crazy Denver drivers who freak out when rain drops hit their windshield? You would think that people who contend with driving through blinding snowstorms in the winter months could easily handle a little rain, but it never fails. Raindrops? Traffic nightmares.

Rainy Day Riding in DenverLuckily for me, I only live about two miles outside of downtown Denver where I work. With that mental map to guide me, I picked up my bike where I had left it parked on the street (see photo) and started on my way.

It sprinkled, it poured, it stopped — but I kept going. My electric bike performed great, and I actually decided to use just the battery for some of the route — not pedalling at all — just enjoying the scenery.

I think this is what they mean by “stop and smell the roses” LOL. There may not have been roses, but it was a wonderful, warm, and soggy afternoon ride.

The lesson I learned? Rain is not — and should not — be used as an excuse to not ride your electric bike. Just be flexible and enjoy Mother Nature from two wheels. It’s worth it.

Work Project Brings Change Reaffirming E-Bike Choice

Posted on: June 6th, 2013 by Elsa Galvan No Comments

Just as I was getting into a routine with commuting to work by e-bike, I was asked to participate in a “Value Stream Mapping” at work. It really is an honor to be picked for this kind of project, as those leading it hand-picked those who would participate, but I knew it would disrupt my schedule, which might affect my commute. For one thing, I would have to wear business casual clothing, as opposed to the usual scrubs I wear in my job as a pediatric nurse. I just couldn’t imagine biking to work and then having to change clothes completely, even though having the electric bike would help alleviate the problem of arriving sweaty and exhausted after a bike commute. Beginning and ending work later would also not be advantageous for commuting by bike, as neither my husband nor I felt totally comfortable with my biking during the alternate hours I would have to be on the road. So after thinking it over, I decided that I would have to switch back to driving to work for that week.

As I went through a week of driving to work again, I did feel the momentum I had built up in the two preceding weeks toward my goal of increasing fitness take a nosedive. And, as much as I enjoyed working with our group, and appreciated the knowledge I gained through the experience, I was really looking forward to getting back to my bicycle commute by the time the end of the week rolled around.

It is such a different feeling riding — as opposed to driving — to work. When I arrive at work after commuting by bicycle, I feel energized before I even start my shift. When I drive to work, I can’t seem to shake the grogginess until after I have my morning tea. I also seem to eat healthier knowing that I am working out as I commute up the hills home. I do not want all that work to be for naught, so I seem to make healthier choices all around. I wish I would have done this a long time ago, so the week back in the car really impressed upon me how much better I can feel when I choose to bike.

photo by: Viernest


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