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Losing Weight with my E-bike!

Posted on: May 1st, 2014 by Dierdre Cook No Comments

What? What? Snow in Colorado in April – this will not hinder by challenge: I will just wear warmer gear.

Regular riding my bike is however, like a snowball. The more you do it – the more you want to engage in the fun. Let’s roll!!!

Fostering a healthy life style is so easy with my EVELO bike.  The benefits I am getting from riding everyday are incredible.  I am trimmer (like 10 pounds), happier and have a very positive attitude toward life.

This week I discovered a new trail. Riding by the river in Colorado is simply a joy.  I am used to riding my Aurora as a form of transportation to and from, but the simple joy of being in a beautiful location, that I could not have been in without my bike – well, it is simply incredible.

On Thursday, OK – I didn’t fully charge my battery; 10 miles from home I am on my own power: Not a problem.  A couple of weeks of training and some determination made it easy to finish my ride without any support from the motor. I was so proud of myself!

It slowed me down – but it did not get me down. I was really surprised at how easy it was to ride. I downshifted and just kept peddling – it is good to know that the EVELO rides just like a regular bike (when needed).

I am moving toward 400 miles on my bike – life is good!


Posted on: April 16th, 2014 by Dierdre Cook No Comments

I couldn’t wait to get started on the Challenge. It has been on the forefront of my thoughts since I was accepted into the program on

Dierdre and her Aurora

Dierdre and her Aurora

March 25. I am like a kid at Christmas: When will it start? Come on – let’s get this party going!

Why am I so excited? Remember when we were kids and the feel of freedom that we got when we rode our bikes. Well, that same sense of freedom is what I feel when I ride my EVELO Aurora bike. I step on my bike and it is like flying. Headed down the road – not stressed out because my knee hurts or I am out of breath – but enjoying the scenery and the breeze on my bike is so FUN!

So, why compete in the EVELO challenge? I want to be committed to wellness and a 30-day public challenge is the best accountability I know of. Losing weight is a big benefit of exercise and I hope that I do lose 20 pounds. But more than weight loss – I want to be committed to a way of life that promotes healthy choices and promotes a positive mental attitude, while saving the environment by driving less; having fun. Now that the winter of 2013-14 is behind us, all I see is sunshine ahead and biking ahead.

Day One: It is a windy, cold Colorado morning and I have a 30-mile ride ahead of me. On any other bike – I would have blown off the opportunity to ride, but on the EVELO bike I knew the bike would support whatever I would face on the ride today. My bike did not let me down. I rode up hill in 20 mile per hour winds and with the power assist I made it to the top of every hill with energy to spare. When I got home – I was so darn proud of myself.

The worst part of this week is that my butt is tired – it was not prepared to ride everyday. But by day four – well, it is getting in shape. Two days a week I ride up to Fort Collins for pottery classes. The ride is 15 miles each way. What a great way to start a day.

I bought a pannier/backpack that is awesome. I can ride home with 6 pottery mugs and no concerns about their safety or mine. The other days I am discovering local bike paths and even rode half way up to Estes Park. The hills were steep, but with my pedal assist – they were no challenge for me. Seriously, I can’t stop smiling about my EVELO Aurora bike. It has been a great week and I look forward to the rest of the challenge – and years of happy riding.

Taking Bike Design To The Limit One More Time

Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by Frances Krug No Comments

With the announcement of the participants in the 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge drawing near, I thought it might be fun to look at some electric bikes that take the concept to another level (with apologies to The Eagles for the bending of lyrics). When choosing an electric bike, you have lots of design choices if your preference is a bike that will blend into the crowd. In other words, one that doesn’t look – well — electric.

But if you want a bike that will turn heads and have everyone wondering (to slightly change a famous saying), “is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it an electric bike?, there are other options, sometimes with an environmental or sustainable aspect. Let’s look at a few examples.

1.  EBIQ Concept Bike

EBIQ BikeNew-York-based industrial designer Yuji Fujimura has designed an electric bike that at first glance looks like a rectangle on wheels. The combination of straight lines melding with the round wheels and pedal component gives it a futuristic feel that pretty much hides the fact that this is even a bike.

The rider can store and charge all kinds of technological gadgets, interacting with them via the built-in screen on the bike. Handlebars and pedals fold in to reduce needed storage space at the end destination. The bike is not in production, so no cost estimates are available.

2.  Picycle

PicycleThe Picycle is more what you would expect a bike to look like, but it still has a futuristic feel. In fact, Picycles will appear in the upcoming sci-fi movie Ender’s Game (due for November release).

But you don’t have to wait until then. Picycles can be purchased right now, if you have a spare $6,000 ($9,000 if you want the Kenny Roberts edition). The bike has received good reviews, with a smooth ride that speaks to the quality of the design and build.

It boasts an integrated smartphone app to keep you apprised of speed, charge level, distance/time travelled, efficiency, etc., with the ability to program the bike for different users. Remote diagnostics will let Picycle contact you if you need maintenance.

3.  Enorm V3

EnormEBikeIt’s a bike. It’s a motorcycle. No, it’s an electric bike that looks like a motorcycle.

The Enorm V3 Bullet comes equipped with a smartphone, gigantic tires, and lasts 62 miles on a single charge without pedaling. Although not yet available, its predecessor, the Enorm V2 sells for about $5,100 and boasts a range of 100 km, a 0.25 kW motor, using a 30Ah battery, 48V circuit.

4.  Assista Child Carrier

Assista.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smartMoving from a design perfect for the single man about town, we have the only electric bike that lets you take two young children along for the ride without the need for a trailer. The child seats are top-of-the-line with footrests, head protection, and reclining capability.

Although not yet available for sale in the US, the Japanese company that makes the bike reports sales of more than 300,000 at a price of about $1800 US.


And, to end our look at bike design, here are three non-electric versions that approach sustainability from a different angle altogether. First up, how about a bike made out of wood?

WoodenBike_4Jan Gunneweg, an industrial designer in Amsterdam, has crafted an all-wood bike (well, except for some moving parts). Even the wheels are made of wood – each with one wooden spoke among the metal ones that “symbolize the legs of man” according to Gunneweg.

The bike is made of solid walnut and weighs less than 35 pounds. No news on production plans for the wooden bike, but being precision-made of solid walnut, it’s likely to be a little pricey.

For those with a thinner wallet, how about a cardboard bike?

israel-cardboard-bikeIsraeli Izhar Gafni has built a bike completely out of cardboard. Constructed using a folding technique and lacquered with a brew of organic materials, the bike is waterproof, fireproof, and doesn’t even look like it’s made of cardboard. The Alfa model weighs in at 28 pounds with a manufacturing cost of $12-$20. With solid rubber tires, a car timing belt for the bike chain, and plastic bottle parts for the pedals, there is no metal involved.

Gafni does intend to offer an optional rechargeable electric motor and provide two smaller versions for children. He hopes to see invention in developing countries in particular, where selling advertising on the bikes could allow them to be given away for free. The bikes are in the process of being manufactured but no definite timeline yet on availability.

Finally, who could forget the Invisible Bike? I’ll bet no one — at least not after looking at this photo.

Jimmy_Kuehnle_Invisible_Bike_Ride_at_intersection Designed and built by Jimmy Kuehnle in 2005 , as a piece of art/performance art, I doubt we will see this one in the stores anytime soon, but it does come with a matching riding suit. Exhibited in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, Jimmy commented, “Constructed of Lexan or “bullet proof  glass,” the bike exists in a dual reality as sculpture and transportation.”

So, there you have it. Some intriguing electric bike designs and some out-of-this-world notions for bikes going forward. For the Challenge, however, our participants will be sticking with the EVELO line of electric bikes. Stay tuned for the announcement of the participants!

About the Challenge

Lose weight and get paid! EVELO customers who purchase an electric bike in June can participate in the 30-day challenge this Summer and will get paid $10 for every pound they lose. Learn more.


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