Our participants have joined the challenge to experiment with alternative transportation, save money, improve their health, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Want to see how they’ve been doing in meeting these goals? Check out the Leaderboard below to see who’s been taking the most trips by electric bike and whose blog posts are creating the most buzz. Note: “Trips Taken” is updated on Mondays. “Buzz Score” is a combination of the number of valid comments on a participant’s blog posts and traffic to that post.

Along the way, our participants will be competing for hundreds of dollars worth of prizes — watch for announcements of the winners after the month-long Challenge has been completed.



Week 4
(+2 days)
Week 3
(May & June)
Week 2
Week 1
1Dorian BuckHonolulu, HI5/326626067
2David CherolisMiamisburg, OH5/624222220
3Stan WagnerDenver, CO5/13TBATBATBA22
4Elsa GalvanBerkeley, CA5/660 (Work)66
6Sergey NefedyevRedmond, WA5/13TBATBA126
5David RowedSeattle, WA5/1TBATBA0 (Rain)9



TBDNameLocationWeek 4
+2 days
Week 3
Week 2
Week 1
1David CherolisMiamisburg, OH1491062360
2Dorian BuckHonolulu, HI951414031
3Elsa GalvanBerkeley, CA67540
4Stan WagnerDenver, CO724614
5Sergey NefedyevRedmond, WA21770
6David RowedSeattle, WA1130

About the Challenge

Lose weight and get paid! EVELO customers who purchase an electric bike in June can participate in the 30-day challenge this Summer and will get paid $10 for every pound they lose. Learn more.


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    Finding my Motivation
    Motivation to exercise often stands in the way of us getting fit, but not with my E-bike. Windy Monday morning and I am ready to ride.  I set my goal toda ...
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    I couldn't wait to get started on the Challenge. It has been on the forefront of my thoughts since I was accepted into the program on [caption id="attac ...
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