EVELO Electric Bikes

The 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge is brought to you by the EVELO Electric Bicycle Company based in Boston, MA.

EVELO Electric Bikes are stylish, long-range, hybrid electric bicycles designed for commuting and recreation. Each bike comes with a patented mid-drive motor that offers power on demand and a lightweight Lithium battery that provides up to a 40-mile range in electric-assist mode.

These bikes flatten out the hills, make headwind disappear, and allow the rider to reach their destination faster, all without arriving sweaty or worn out. You are able to put as much effort into pedaling as you want. You no longer have to worry about running out of energy or not being able to climb a steep hill along the way.

The four models used for the Challenge are Aries, Aurora, Luna and Orion.

01_aries 02_aurora
03_luna 04_orion

Learn About Electric Bikes

Not familiar with electric bikes? No problem – we’ll be happy to tell you more! To understand what an electric bike is all about and what makes it different, begin with an image of a standard bicycle. Then incorporate a couple of additional elements, which are seamlessly integrated into the design:

– A small motor to complement the rider’s efforts;
– A lightweight battery to provide the energy needed by the motor; and
– A controller to act as the “brain” and bring all of the elements together.

With these components in place, you have the fundamentals of an electric bicycle. It’s important to understand that an electric bike functions pretty much like a regular bicycle. It looks, feels, and handles like a regular bicycle. Aside from the handful of extra components listed above, it uses all of the same parts as a regular bicycle.

An electric bike is meant to complement human power, not completely replace it. It simply makes riding easier and more enjoyable, helps to deal with obstacles such as hills and headwind, and gives you the flexibility to go further and longer without getting as tired.

To learn more about all of the benefits that an electric bike has to offer, visit Electric Bikes 101.

About the Challenge

Lose weight and get paid! EVELO customers who purchase an electric bike in June can participate in the 30-day challenge this Summer and will get paid $10 for every pound they lose. Learn more.


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