Elegant Design

We believe that the best electric bicycles are designed to take a regular bicycle a bit further – but at their core, they’re still a bike.

That’s why our design and technology keeps the focus on the bicycle itself – not the electrical components. The EVELO would be a top-of-the-line, stylish bicycle even with the electrical components removed.

But don’t let the elegant design distract you from seeing that an EVELO bike has been engineered from the ground up to be an electric bike:

Our motor is compact and blends in with the rest of the bike’s components.

Our batteries are small and lightweight. They are integrated into the rear rack for easy use and recharging. Add a rear rack bag and the battery becomes completely unnoticeable.

We wanted a bike design that not only looked modern and elegant, but also integrated the electrical components in such a way that the focus is always on the bike.

With an EVELO, the only person who will know you’re riding an electric bike is you, unless of course you want to brag to all your friends about what an awesome new ride you have!

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