Are you interested in arranging for a free test ride on an EVELO electric bicycle to see if it’s right for you? A test ride is the perfect way to experience everything that EVELO’s electric bicycle technology has to offer.

Our growing network of Ambassadors (what is this?) make a test ride easy and convenient for you. Simply fill out the “set up a free test ride today” form below and we will connect you with an Ambassador at the test ride location nearest to you.

Map of ambassadors

You can also use the convenient locator map below to discover if we already have an Ambassador near you!

Set up a free test ride today!

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What’s an ambassador?

EVELO has a growing network of Ambassadors all over the U.S. who provide test rides of our products and answer questions from folks interested in getting an electric bike for themselves.

Who are the Ambassadors? They are regular customers who own an EVELO electric bicycle, use it regularly, and are happy to share their experience with others by letting interested people take a test ride on their own bike! Any customer can sign up to be an Ambassador and provide an EVELO test ride experience to others in their community.

The Ambassador Connection program is an easy and convenient way to test ride an EVELO Electric Bicycle and learn more about it from existing customers.

The way it works is simple:

  1. Fill out the form on this page indicating your interest in test-riding a bike;
  2. We’ll connect you with an Ambassador (existing customer) in your area and help coordinate a meeting; and
  3. You get to test ride a bike and learn more about it from a fellow rider. There will be no sales pitch — just a test ride and real feedback from a fellow user.

It’s simple, there is no risk or obligation, and it’s a great way to interact with someone who already owns an EVELO and can share their experiences.

To get started, please fill out the form above — response within 24 hours is guaranteed!