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Podcast: Giving for the Holiday Season

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Americans are generous. In 2018, for example, it was estimated that as a nation, Americans gave more than $427 billion to charities.

As impressive as that number is, when adjusted for inflation, it actually represents a slight decline in giving, according to a 2019 Giving USA report.

What’s more, it may be the case that while the total amount of donations is rising, the number of individuals giving may be down slightly. There are certainly many factors that impact why and how folks donate, but could part of the problem be that the act of giving — entering a payment card, finding the proper branch of the charity, and ensure the donation is processed properly — is too complex. … Read more

A man wearing a helmet.

The U.S. NTSB Has Recommended a Bike Helmet Mandate

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The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has recommended that all states and territories create mandatory bike helmet laws that would require everyone, child or adult, to wear a bicycle helmet when riding.

Wearing a bicycle helmet could reduce head injuries by 48 percent and serious head injuries by 60 percent, according to Dr. Ivan Cheung, a transportation research analyst at the NTSB.

Leading bicycle advocacy group, The League of American Bicyclists, also encourages “bicyclists to wear helmets and strongly recommends the wearing of helmets that (a) are properly fitted to the rider and (b) meet the bicycle helmet standards of either the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American Society of Testing and Materials, or the Snell Memorial Foundation.”

Furthermore, in a recent EVELO podcast, we heard that “head injuries are catastrophic and new helmet technology can really reduce the odds of that happening.” … Read more

David Hancock of Enviolo

Podcast: Building a Better E-bike Transmission

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Enviolo sells one of the most advanced bicycle transmissions in the world. And its best trick is that it simply makes riding your electric bike better.

That doesn’t mean learning about how a continuously variable transmission works isn’t interesting and engaging, because it is. In fact, that is why we invited David Hancock from Enviolo to join us for The Electric Bike Podcast from EVELO. … Read more

A couple rides electric bikes.

5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Riding an Electric Bike

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By some estimates riding an electric bike could help you burn 400 calories an hour under the proper conditions. So it is clear that getting on your e-bike is a good way to shed unwanted fat.

Electric bikes are also fun. They can be a very enjoyable alternative to some car trips, and they sure beat spending all day indoors at a desk or watching Gunsmoke reruns on TNT. In fact one of the big benefits of choosing an electric bike as your medium, if you will, for weight loss, is that you are, perhaps, more likely to actually ride an e-bike then say run a mile or slide on lycra shorts and head to the local gym. … Read more

Riding an electric bike contributes to good health.

Will an electric bike help you lose weight?

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Yes. Regularly riding an electric bike should help you lose weight.

There are many examples of e-bike riders who have lost significant amounts of weight riding with pedal assistance, including Rhonda Martin who famously used an electric bike to lose 270 pounds.

In general, riding an electric bike burns about as many calories as walking briskly. But the pedal assistance and speed can make riding your e-bike a lot of fun. When something is fun, you are more likely to do it. … Read more

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