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Author: Armando Roggio

Electric Bikes May Help Baby Boomers Stay Active

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Physical activity is vital for American baby boomers, and electric bikes, which can ease adults into regular exercise, may be one of the best ways for baby boomers to both stay active and have fun.

In 2018, 29.5 percent of American adults aged 65 and older reported doing no physical activity or exercise according to data from the Center for Disease Control published on the America’s Health Rankings website. … Read more

Top 5 Reasons Commuters Should Consider an Electric Bike

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Fitness and speed are among some of the best reasons to commute to work or school on an electric bike.

In 2017, nearly 837,000 Americans rode a bicycle to work, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released in September 2018.

That number was down almost 30,000 from the prior year, perhaps, because of the lack of investment in bike lanes or similar infrastructure. Or perhaps because of how long bicycle commutes can take or the effort needed to make them. … Read more

Electric Bikes: How Watts, Volts, and Amp Hours Impact Performance

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If you want to know how fast or powerful an electric bike will be, you need to understand watts (W), volts (V), and amp hours (Ah) as these energy measurements apply to ebike motors and batteries.

Otherwise, “attempting to compare ebike power ratings is a great way to lose your sanity. That’s because ‘rated power,’ the metric some manufacturers use, doesn’t equal a motor’s actual power output or maximum potential power output,” wrote Dan Roe in Bicycling magazine. … Read more

The Power of $1 for Transportation

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A single dollar bill can take you a mile or it can take you 600 of them. The difference is in how fast or slow you travel, the purpose of your trip, and how much work you have to put into the journey.

Here are a couple of examples.

Recently, I took an Uber from a semi-rural community west of Boise, Idaho some 22 miles to a modern and popular shopping area called The Village. The drive took about 30 minutes in a silver Dodge Grand Caravan. It cost me some idle conversation and a little more than $37.00.

That same week, I took my EVELO Galaxy TT electric bike on a meandering December ride. I crossed over a set of railroad tracks (it was in the 40s and clear so they weren’t too slippery); stopped at a lonely thrift store with lots of small glass figurines that reminded me of Michael Rooker’s character from the Guardians of the Galaxy; and went into a pub to warm my hands. The journey (stops included) took a couple of hours and cost me much less than a dollar for the electricity that helped to power my electric bike.

I mention these two trips because they represent two transportation extremes in terms of cost. And, perhaps, they can set the stage for our premise. How far can you travel for one dollar in fuel? … Read more

Electric Bike Throttles Great for Commuters, Recreational Riders

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Electric bike throttles can give riders a quick boost to climb a hill, cross a large intersection, or catch up with a faster riding companion. The throttle can also be a safety feature, helping relatively older cyclists ensure they have the energy to make it home after a long ride. And throttles work very well in combination with a pedal assist or pedelecs system.

“There are so many features about the Delta that I love,” said Steve Brown, an EVELO Electric Bicycle customer in a video testimonial. “It actually has a throttle on it, so you can start off as smooth as you want. If you’re at a stop on a hill, you don’t have to worry about trying to get going pedaling. You can use that feature to get you started.”

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Top 10 Features for a Folding Electric Bike

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A folding electric bike is a great choice for commuters, travelers, RV owners, or anyone who wants an easy to store, easy to move transportation option.

Imagine you are a commuter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let’s say you start your day with a 15-minute drive to the El Cerrito Del Norte Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station on Cutting Boulevard. You pull your folding bike out of the trunk, flip it together, and roll it onto the 7:16 AM train toward San Francisco. Some 32 minutes later you arrive at the Embarcadero station on Market Street.

You head down Market and take a left on Beale Street. It’s one way and the traffic can be heavy. Your office is just past Philz Coffee near Folsom Street. You roll your bike in the side door, take the elevator to your floor, and push it right up to your desk. Your folded electric bike fits nice and secure in the corner of your cubicle until it is time to head home.

This is just one possible scenario. If you live in a small apartment or a tiny house; or if you own an RV or a boat you can think of plenty of times when a folding electric bike would make exploring or getting around a lot easier.

… Read more

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