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Be Seen With A Super Flash Turbo Tail Light!

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Safety is paramount when riding in traffic. With distracted drivers and narrow roads, anything that can increase your visibility is a help. While the best thing that you can do as a cyclist is to act as if you are invisible, getting noticed sure is a plus!

This taillight flashes, and it is IMPRESSIVE.  It is so bright in fact, that I only use it during the daytime since I’m concerned it could actually be bothersome to drivers at night.

The light has 3 LEDs, with the top one being especially bright– the unit cycles the lights, going down then back up, effectively randomizing the flash pattern with the brightest flash nearly popping when it illuminates.

Since human’s attention is drawn to contrast and movement, even motorist who are texting or looking at a GPS can’t help but glance at the flash– and then they see you, pedaling and smiling on your bike.

I recommend the Planet Bike SuperFlash to every cyclist, 5 out of 5 stars!  It even has multiple mounting options, so it will fit any bike. And because it’s LED, it rarely needs batteries.

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