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Get The Details with Google My Tracks

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Our EVELO Customer Service Agents are bike riders too! They have come up with a list of their favorite accessories, apps and gadgets that they use and will be sharing them with you! This week, David shares one of his favorite apps!

Have you ever wondered how hilly your ride really is?    Or how fast you were going down that big hill?   Maybe you just went for a ride and took a few detours and saw something new and interesting that you want to be able to find again.

Google My Tracks is a great way to collect all sorts of data about your ride, and it has special settings for biking.   It shows charts of elevation change and tells you how many feet (or meters) you climbed.

You can see your track on a map with information about how fast you were going at any point.   With a Polar or Zephyr Bluetooth heart rate monitor, it will even track your heart rate, so you can see how hard you were working to get up that hill.    You’ll know exactly how long your ride was, both in time and distance and your average speed, accounting for the time you spend stopped at traffic lights or grabbing a snack in the convenience store.

My Tracks allows you to drop a “pin” at any point on your ride and make a note of what was interesting about that point.  You can also take pictures and tag them to the location of your ride as well.

It generates exportable files, so you can revisit your whole ride using Google Earth or any other mapping software that works with KML formatted files.

If you use Google Fit, it will synchronize with that as well to help you keep track of your workouts.

There’s no need to mount your phone on the handlebars to use it.   It will work with the phone in your pocket or in your bike bags.   However, if you do want to mount your phone so you can see it in use, there are plenty of good phone mounts for bikes available.  The one you choose will depend on your phone.

One other note:  if you have an EVELO with the new, advanced display panel, there’s a charging port on the side of the panel that will let you plug in any USB powered device for charging, using the main battery.  Check your manual for instructions!

My Tracks is available for download in the Google Play Store

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