Reinventing the Conventional Distribution Channels or Why We Don’t Distribute Through Dealers

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Riding 4,000 Miles Across the United States to Test Our Bikes


In early 2012, we were getting ready to launch EVELO.

We spent the previous year getting everything in place for the launch, but still knew that we had an uphill battle. As a new company that focuses on online distribution with a product that starts at around $2,000, we not only had to create awareness about our electric bikes, but also prove to our clients that our products were reliable and worthy of their business. As a young company, our work was cut out for us. … Read more

Why EVELO CEO wants to talk to every single customer on the phone

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At EVELO, we do the majority of our interactions online. Since we work with clients all over the country, we’ve built our infrastructure to be able to accommodate customers no matter where they live.

When you do the majority of your business online, you have access to a lot of data that can help make business decisions which is good. However, precisely because we do so much of our business online, there is a downside as well – that is we don’t have as much of a face-to-face interaction with customers. … Read more

Why is There a 20MPH Speed Limit on Electric Bikes?

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Hi I am Bill Cummings and I am the Customer Service Director at EVELO electric bicycles. In this first installment of our 3 Minute Electric Bike Video Series, where we will help demystify electric bikes,  I am going to talk to you about why electric bicycles are limited to 20mph.

It’s a federal regulation that is in place to differentiate electric bikes from other vehicles on the road and there are basically three primary criteria … Read more

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