The 10 Best Cities For An Active Retirement

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The 10 Best Cities For An Active Retirement

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In many ways, an ideal place for retirement will have the amenities and benefits of a well-managed city that anyone, and not just retirees, would enjoy. We wanted to find the best cities in the US for active retirement, so in our criteria we put an emphasis on cities tailored to staying active. Many of the categories we analyzed aggregate a wider set of data, giving a more holistic view in that category.

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Electric Bikes & Retirees – The Top Reasons to Ride as You Age

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Retirees and senior citizens can face a number of unique challenges, such as staying fit, retaining mobility, connecting with their grandkids, and more. Fitness fads come and go, old injuries flare up, and families move, presenting unique issues that seem to change every week.

But with any challenge comes a tremendous opportunity, and fortunately that’s exactly the case here. Smart seniors have a solution that lets them stay healthy and mobile, have fun with their friends and family, and most importantly – get in shape! So what’s the best way to stay strong as you enter your golden years? Electric bicycles!

Let’s break down the challenges seniors face one by one, and see how an ebike is the perfect way to stay active no matter what your age.

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The Ultimate List of Blogs for Seniors

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Looking for some new reading material? Well, whether you like blogs about health & nutrition, retirement planning, housing, technology, or general news, we’ve got you covered.

The EVELO team has chosen five of our favorite websites in each of those categories, so with 25 new sites to read, you’ll have plenty of fresh news to keep you sharp.

Some of the sites are specifically tailored for the 55+ crowd, while others feature great content for people of any age, but either way – these are THE sites to read, starting with our favorites in each category first.

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10 Tips for Biking Safely in Winter Weather

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Now that El Nino has descended on the West Coast, and the Midwest and Northeast are enveloped in a blanket of snow, it’s clear that winter is finally here. But just because it’s gotten a bit chillier out there doesn’t mean you have to give up on riding your beloved bicycle. With a few smart tips and tricks, you can keep hitting the roads and trails under almost any conditions. Let’s see how!

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Europe’s Best Destinations for Seniors on a Budget

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Europe, it’s truly one of the most magical and beautiful parts of the world. There’s the old world beauty of Paris, the stately grandeur of London, and the unforgettable beaches of the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, many European cities can cost a pretty penny (Euro penny, that is), making travel difficult for some seniors living on a budget. But those with a little travel savvy know that there are many great parts of Europe that are still affordable, and offer experiences that will rival or even best the classic destinations.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these fantastic destinations across the whole continent, and learn a few neat tricks to make sure getting there is cheap and easy as well. … Read more

5 Ways to Stay Fit After 50

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Some people think “being fit” is a young man’s game, a luxury that can’t be maintained once you’ve had children, and had to deal with the many stresses of raising them, while juggling your career. But being fit and healthy feels great, so there’s no reason anyone should deny themselves the lifelong benefits that come along with it.

Whether you’re already fit now and hoping to stay in shape, or are looking to reclaim the healthier lifestyle you once had, there are many activities you can do, no matter what your age. With that in mind, we’ve picked five fun exercises that men and women can do, with an emphasis on making sure those with any weary joints or stiff backs won’t have to worry. … Read more

Great Bike Rides for Grandparents and Their Families

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There are few activities that bring a family together quite like a bike ride. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, the wind in your hair, or just the fact that you’re spending quality time together, it’s hard not to end the ride feeling like your whole family hasn’t just accomplished something special together. But these rides don’t have to stop once your own kids grow up and have a family of their own – in fact rides between grandparents and their grandkids can be even more amazing.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the best rides available in major cities across the country. We looked for trails that were sure to have a scenic payoff worth the effort, while at the same time not being too challenging so that no member of the family (no matter how young or old) feels scared off by the ride.

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Carrying Cargo With Topeak BeamRack MTX System of Bags and Racks


One thing that needs to be considered when outfitting your bike for commuting or errand running  (or even longer recreational rides) is how you’ll carry your cargo.  Whether it’s groceries, work clothes, your laptop or just lunch and a blanket to sit on, you need to find a way to transport those items with you.

Many folks use a backpack, or courier bag, but in general, I think it’s more pleasant, especially on longer rides, to get the weight off of your back and onto the bike.  It’s both cooler when the weather is hot, and more comfortable for your back.   Think about it: cowboys don’t carry their gear on their backs – it goes in saddlebags on the horses! … Read more

Electric Bicycles and RVs – The Perfect Match!


Recreational vehicles, or RVs for short, are a great way to see the country.  

In July 2015, I hopped on a plane in Argentina, and after a pretty exhausting overnight flight, I landed in Los Angeles. The plan: a 4-week RV tour of the West Coast.

After visiting Los Angeles, Vegas, San Francisco, Monterrey, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and a handful of other jaw dropping places, I can say that RV’ing is a fantastic experience. You can soak in the continent’s best sights while enjoying the comforts of home. You don’t have to worry about finding a hotel room, and if for some reason, you can’t make it to your destination for the day, you can always stop short when you need to and rest as you need to.

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