5 Electric Bike Charging Tips for Long Battery Life

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5 Electric Bike Charging Tips for Long Battery Life

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You want to be able to ride and enjoy your electric bike whether you’re taking a leisurely afternoon cruise in the park or challenging the automobile traffic on your morning commute. To do that, all of your electric bike’s systems must be working well.

One key component is your electric bike’s battery. You want to keep it in good shape, so here are five electric bike charging tips meant to help your ebike battery live a long life. … Read more

Pedal Power Equals Brain Power for Adults over 50

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Riding an electric bike just a few times a week may improve brain function in adults 50-years-old and older, potentially reducing the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and other age-associated neurodegenerative disorders, according to a new report from the U.K.-based cycleBOOM project.

Doctors and scientists have long known that there is a connection between outdoor exercise and mental and emotional well being. For example, a German study released in 2007, “High impact running improves learning,” showed that exercising before studying could help a person learn vocabulary about 20 percent faster. The study also reported that “regular physical exercise improves cognitive functions and lowers the risk for age-related cognitive decline.” … Read more

Video: Gates Belt Drive for an Electric Bike

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Many of the electric bikes EVELO offers use a carbon belt drive instead of a conventional bicycle chain. This belt drive can last eight-to-time times longer than a chain, is easier to maintain, and a lot less messy.

In this video, Alex describes some of the benefits of a carbon belt drive on an electric bike. We’ve transcribed the video so you can watch it or follow along in this text. … Read more

Video: How Electric Bike Throttles and Pedal Assist Work

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Electric bikes add the power of a motor to your pedaling and make commuting, recreational riding, or getting back in shape easy and a lot of fun.

Two of an electric bike’s most important systems are pedal assist and throttle. Each of these is designed to help a rider decide how much he or she wants to pedal, effectively “flattening” hilly terrain and letting them get the ride they want or need. … Read more

Electric Bikes May Help Baby Boomers Stay Active

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Physical activity is vital for American baby boomers, and electric bikes, which can ease adults into regular exercise, may be one of the best ways for baby boomers to both stay active and have fun.

In 2018, 29.5 percent of American adults aged 65 and older reported doing no physical activity or exercise according to data from the Center for Disease Control published on the America’s Health Rankings website. … Read more

Top 5 Reasons Commuters Should Consider an Electric Bike

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Fitness and speed are among some of the best reasons to commute to work or school on an electric bike.

In 2017, nearly 837,000 Americans rode a bicycle to work, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released in September 2018.

That number was down almost 30,000 from the prior year, perhaps, because of the lack of investment in bike lanes or similar infrastructure. Or perhaps because of how long bicycle commutes can take or the effort needed to make them. … Read more

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