Running Errands on Your Bike: It’s Easier Than You Think! – Part 1

Love at first ride.

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Looking to join the electric bike industry? Consider tours and rentals

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Originally posted MutliBriefs: Exclusive on November 11, 2014  

With the ongoing growth of the electric bike industry in the U.S., more individuals are looking for ways to get involved in this space. For many, they see potential and opportunity for electric bikes to take off within their community, city or region.

I regularly get inquiries from folks who are looking to start a business by bringing and promoting electric bikes in their area. For those individuals, it represents an opportunity to capitalize on the growing industry, while being involved with a product they feel passionate about. … Read more

Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: What’s The Real Difference No One Talks About

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When we think about technologies that have changed the world, and how we function and exist in it, there are certain ones that come to mind. The automobile, the computer, and most recently, the smartphone.   

There is, however, another technology that is quietly flourishing and spreading around us without getting nearly as much attention. One that has the world changing potential – the Electric Bicycle.

… Read more

Use your cell phone and keep it safe with a waterproof handlebar case

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Modern smart phones have made our everyday lives easier in so many ways that it’s often hard to remember what it was like before they were commonplace.

One of the places they can really be useful is on our bikes.   We can track our speed and distance, run various apps that will show our heart rate and cadence (with appropriate accessories) , provide music to listen to, and of course, the big one: give us directions and help when we get lost! … Read more

Ride More Safely and Comfortably with a Rear-View Mirror

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This is more of a set of thoughts and stories and not a review of a particular product, so bear with me.

When I first started riding as a kid, I never thought much about mirrors.  My bikes didn’t have them.   And the few that I’d seen on adult bikes were big, ugly metal things that I would never want on my bike.   How uncool!  Besides, they wouldn’t have lasted a week, or even a day, given how many times I crashed!  Such are the joys of growing up as a kid in what was then still the countryside and not quite the suburbs 🙂 … Read more

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