Understanding Wheel Sizes on Electric Bikes

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Keep Track of Fitness with a Jarv Run BT Premium Bluetooth

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One of the things that surprises many people about electric bikes is that rather than being a way to “cheat” and not get any exercise while riding, an electric bike is a great way to get back into fitness riding. Knowing that you won’t be stuck 15 miles from home, exhausted, or end up too tired to climb those hills around your home is a great confidence builder. Thus, the electric bicycle is a way into fitness.

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Preparing for the Ride

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Freedom. The need to explore. The desire to get the heart pumping. Anyone who tosses a leg over a bicycle knows the feeling of getting out for a ride. Unfortunately that can all come crashing down to a halt for the rider who leaves the house unprepared! Just as anyone who has ever ridden a bike knows the joys of getting out for a ride, we also know that sometimes bad things happen to good people. An ounce of prevention really can go a long way towards keeping you on the road even when things don’t go as planned.  Here are some tips to make sure the ride stays fun, no matter the circumstances! … Read more

Transparent Pricing: Where Does Your Money Go When You Buy an Electric Bike?


As EVELO continues our fourth year of operations, we keep working towards becoming a company that our customers are proud to do business with, where our team members look forward to working at, and where we always aim to do things a bit different from the rest.

One thing becoming increasingly important to me, as the company’s co-founder and CEO, is transparency. I strongly believe that the more transparent we are – as a company – the stronger the relationship we build with our customers and the better the environment we create for all of our team members. … Read more

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