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Why Don’t More Bike Shops Carry Electric Bikes?

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In this week’s 3 Minute Electric Bike Video Series where we help to demystify electric bikes, we are talking about why more local shops don’t carry electric bikes. There are a couple reasons and it’s mostly about the different types of shops that exist out there.

First of all, you might have the hot really high-end boutique type shop. You know the shop that are targeting racers and triathletes. Everything is carbon fiber, most bikes start at the $3000 price point on up, everybody’s walking around the store in spandex and for these people, including the management of the store, cycling is about the sport of it and so the electric bike doesn’t really fit in with their mindset.

Another type of shop targets the commuter, the everyday riders. The problem here is that most of their products are either $300, $400, $500 price range and with electric bikes in the $2000 price range, it’s one of those things that it’s just out of the price point of their typical customer. So they’re not carried for that reason.

Finally there’s the big-box stores. There are a few Best Buy’s that experimented with electric bikes, but the reality is that they’re just not equipped to handle the service related things involved with electric bikes. They also don’t have the detailed knowledge base required to sell these products and, frankly, it hasn’t worked out very well for them.

There are a number of reasons that shops don’t carry electric bikes, but they are certainly available. You can get good service for them, just make sure that you’re asking the right questions of your service provider.

You should know that this is changing and there are some savvy bike store owners that are realizing that this is an emerging market and it’s a good niche to target. You may start to see more and more electric bikes in your local bike shop, but for now it’s good to keep in mind that the majority of sales do take place online market catalog-based system and are sold directly to the consumer.

I hope I’ve helped you understand why electric bikes are not often carried in your local bike shop!

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