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You Should Probably Already Have an Electric Bike

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Electric bikes are booming. People of all ages from a 20-something commuter in Seattle to an 85-year-old grandma in Massachusetts are enjoying the benefits of owning and riding an e-bike. In fact, you should probably own one already too.

“A certain subset of masochistic cycling purists believe that you should suffer any time you set out on a bike,” wrote Ashley Mateo in a June 2019 The Wall Street Journal article.

“And while there’s a time and a place for that — with punishingly vivid Spandex and clicking shoes to complete the picture,” Mateo continued, “most people just want to get from point A to point B in the fastest, easiest manner possible.”

“Perhaps that’s why sales of electric-assist bicycles, which use motors and lithium batteries to boost your power and speed as you pedal, jumped 91 percent from 2016 to 2017,” Mateo wrote.

Easy Transportation

“Increasingly, people around the world are turning to electric bikes as an effective solution for their day-to-day transportation needs, which might include such trips as commuting to and from work or school, grocery shopping, short errands, or going out for social events,” wrote Boris Mordkovich and Yevgeniy Mordkovich in chapter three of The Complete Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide.

EVELO customers have experienced this first hand. There are more than a few octogenarians, as an example, who use their Compass trikes as a car alternative. The electric trike is stable, plenty fast, and has the carrying capacity for regular trips to the store.

The Compass electric trike is a great example of easy transportation.


Save Money

In the United States, the typical car trip is six miles or less. If that is true for you, many if not all of those automobile trips could be managed with an electric bike.

“On average, an electric bike allows you to go much further for much less money than any other form of transportation. In fact, one study found that an electric bike can travel as far as 500 miles on just $1—roughly 100 times further than a car or public transportation, and 35 times further than a hybrid car,” according to The Complete Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide.

In contrast a car or truck will take you less than two miles for a dollar.


Riding an electric bike is fun. You’ll experience the joy of being outside, getting some exercise, and spending time with friends and loved ones.

An electric bike, for example, can be a great equalizer. It allows a grandmother to keep up with scurrying grandchildren. And it let’s a father make a century ride with his much-more-fit daughter.


Electric bikes can also be a convenient form of transportation for RV and boat owners.

Perhaps, you have just driven a thousand miles in your RV. You now have the perfect spot overlooking a lake in south Georgia. You want to get out and explore, but you don’t want to have to drive your motorhome everywhere you go.

An electric bike, is a great option. The bike will fit easily on your RV, and once you’re parked, it will help you explore.

Health and Fitness

“Along with using an electric bike for day-to-day transportation, many cyclists use electric bikes specifically as a means of working out and becoming more fit. Electric bikes offer riders a high degree of control over the level of physical exertion required to ride, making them particularly helpful for anybody who would like to become more fit, but who may need to gradually and carefully ease into increased physical activity,” wrote the Mordkovich brothers.

There is also a significant amount of science showing that electric bikes contribute to health and fitness. Among the benefits of riding an electric bike are:

  • Improved heart health,
  • Strengthened cardiovascular system,
  • Improved immune responses,
  • Less risk of type-2 diabetes,
  • Weight loss,
  • Reduced stress.

With all of these reasons if you don’t yet own and electric bike, you probably should.

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