Aries Mid-Drive

Aries Mid-drive electric bike

A sporty and powerful electric bike

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Take a look at the Aries Hub Drive Electric Bike as an alternative. It’s in stock and ships immediately.

The Aries Mid-Drive electric bike flattens hills and makes riding fun. It is built on a supple, full-suspension frame designed to take on both road or trail.

This electric bike is powerful. Its 750W brushless motor carries you up hills or over long distances like a breeze. And because it is positioned at the crankset, the mid-drive motor also helps to distribute the bike’s weight, giving it more responsive handling.

Aries Mid-drive electric bike

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Aries Mid-Drive Electric Bike

Aries Mid-Drive

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The EVELO Aries Mid-drive electric bike is an industry leader. The Aries Mid-drive features a Bafang 750W Continuous (1,000W Peak) mid-drive motor with a patented brushless design and an integrated speed controller. The Aries Mid-Drive includes a 48-volt, 11.6 amp hour lithium-ion battery that will take you 25-to-45 miles. The Aries Mid-drive also includes a continuous variable transmission and a throttle.
    Powerful 750W mid-drive motor
    Semi-integrated 11.6Ah battery with up to 45-mile range per charge
    NuVinci® continuously variable transmission (CVT)
    Tektro hydraulic brakes
    Suntour XCM32 Boost Technology
    26" by 3.0" Innova Kevlar Belt Tires

Not Sure if You Want the Aries Mid-Drive or Aries Hub-Drive?

White-Glove Assembly

EVELO partners with local bike shops to bring you unparalleled white-glove assembly. Your new EVELO will be professionally assembled by a certified bike mechanic. An EVELO representative will set up your local, white-glove assembly for $95 (free with a Compass purchase).

The Power to Conquer Any Hill

Our powerful mid-drive motor means that hills are no longer an obstacle when you ride. Locating the motor in the middle of the frame, closer to the bike’s center of gravity, ensures improved handling and safer riding. All EVELOs are equipped with both pedal-assist and throttle functionality. You can pedal as little or as much as you want, while the throttle lets you take a break from pedaling or can give you an extra boost up hills. Either way − pedal-assist or throttle −  you are always in control.

Perfect Seat Guarantee

Your EVELO electric bicycle comes with a high-quality saddle. However, our customers are all unique and so are their needs and preferences. As such, we offer the industry’s first “Perfect Seat” Guarantee. If you find another seat that you prefer at a local shop, purchase it, and we will reimburse you up to $40! This is just one of the ways we strive to ensure that you are 100% comfortable and satisfied with your bike.

Premium Benefits Come Standard


  • Seat to Ground (Lowest/Highest)

    33.75"/ 41.75"

  • Seat to Pedal (Lowest/Highest)

    27.25"/ 36.25"

  • Standover Height


  • Specs

    • Motor

      Bafang 750W Continuous (1000W Peak) Mid Drive, Patented Brushless Design, Speed Sensor Control

    • Battery

      Lithium-Ion 48V11.6Ah Battery with Advanced Battery Management Software

    • Charger

      48V Smart Charger

    • Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

      20 Miles per Hour (Can be Increased to 25 mph Maximum in Off-road Mode)

    • Range

      Up to 45 Miles on Pedal-Assist or 25 Miles on Electric-Only

    • Electric Assist

      Multiple Levels, Plus Electric-Only (via Throttle)

    • Frame

      6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy

    • Wheel


    • Stem

      EVELO Stargazer 110mm

    • Speeds

      Enviolo® NuVinci® Continuous Variable Transmission

    • Shifters

      Enviolo® NuVinci® C8

    • Speedometer

      Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display with USB Charger (DPC-18)

    • Bicycle Weight (without battery)

      67.7 lbs.

    • Battery Weight

      6.8 lbs.

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