Gates Carbon Drive™ Belt Drive

The Gates Carbon Drive™ is cutting-edge technology that replaces the traditional bike chain with a carbon-reinforced belt drive. Gates is a leader in developing innovative drivetrain systems, used in everything from large manufacturing machinery and race cars to electric bikes. EVELO is one of a select few electric bike companies that is offering the premium Gates Carbon Drive™ system on a variety of our electric bike models.


What are the Benefits of the Gates belt drive?

The Gates Carbon Drive™ has a number of important advantages over the traditional chain system:

Virtually Maintenance-Free

The belt drive doesn’t need grease, doesn’t rust, and is virtually maintenance-free. Because the Gates Carbon Drive™ uses a carbon-reinforced belt, it won’t stretch! That means less time fixing chain issues in your garage or at the bike shop and more time riding and enjoying your bike.


A belt drive means no more risk of a greasy mess on your pant legs from the chain. You can throw away those pesky pant clips for good, since the belt drive doesn’t need any type of lubricant.


The belt drive system weighs in at about half the weight of a traditional chain. With the Gates Carbon Drive™, you will enjoy a quiet and ultra-smooth riding experience everywhere you go.



Shop EVELO Models With the Gates Belt Drive

Aurora Limited

Starting from $3999
A powerful mid-drive motor, a belt drive, and a unique step-through frame for easy on-and-off access.

Galaxy 500

Starting from $3999
A more powerful version of the Galaxy. It's an easy-to-ride comfort cruiser with a deep step-through that’s perfect for riders of virtually any height or skill level.

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