• Lithium Batteries – Weighing just 8 pounds, they offer the latest  technology for long-range rides. Easy removable to take to your home or office to charge. Full rear rack integrated with each battery.
  • Patented Mid-Drive Motor – Incredible power that is so natural and quiet, you’ll forget it’s there. The motor provides unparalleled hill-climbing abilities and torque when riding on any incline. Learn about all of the benefits of a mid-drive motor.
  • NuVinci® N360™ DrivetrainNuVinci® N360™ Drivetrain (optional) – EVELO electric bicycles are among the few on the market to bring you NuVinci® N360™ Drivetrain. This revolutionary technology will completely change your riding experience. Instead of a limited number of gears, the NuVinci® N360™ provides a full range, controlled by turning a dial. You can even change gears while stopped. Learn more.
  • Shimano Alivio 8-Speed – Teflon-coated rear derailleur offers comfortable, easy and precise shifting that is easy to adjust and is virtually maintenance free. It offers a wide range of gears that will allow you to easily operate your new bicycle with or without power.
  • Shimano 3-Speed Nexus Internal Hub – 3-Speed Internal Hub Transmission offers plenty of gear range while being a completely sealed off, maintenance and adjustment free system. Coupled with a roller brake, it offers the rider an easy and enjoyable ride with more stopping power than traditional rear V-brakes.
  • RockShox & SunTour Suspension – All EVELO bikes come with front suspension, while select models come with full (front and rear) suspension. This provides a much smoother ride while being kinder to your behind! Especially important for people who use bikes in urban environments and on uneven pavement.
  • Instant-Reaction Brakes – Aries and Aurora offer a mechanical disc-brake system, while Luna includes a maintenance-free roller brake – all of which provide excellent stopping power when you need it with minimum effort. Integrated with the electrical system to cut off the engine when the brake is pressed, it keeps you safe and in control.
  • Comfort Saddles – When you get down to basics, the saddle on your bike is one of the most important elements ensuring your comfort. Our saddles provide anatomic relief thanks to their design and padding.

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