EVELO MotionDriveᵗᵐ Drivetrain System

EVELO MotionDriveᵗᵐ is an exclusive electric bike drivetrain technology that brings together the efficiency of a mid-drive motor with the convenience of an internal hub transmission. The result is a highly-efficient, low-maintenance and powerful drivetrain that is easy to use and that can adjust to your unique needs.


What makes the MotionDriveᵗᵐ different from other electric bike drivetrain systems?

By combining a mid-drive motor with either a traditional chain or a ground-breaking Gates belt drive, EVELO is able to deliver as much as twice the torque of a typical hub drive with the same power output. The motor is coupled with a factory-sealed, wide-range transmission that allows you to optimize your pedaling cadence with a simple dial. This results in an effortless riding experience on virtually any terrain and a smarter use of the precious battery power.

More than a technology, the MotionDriveᵗᵐ is a philosophy of what an electric bike drivetrain should look like. It is a belief that advanced technology should be easy to use, low maintenance and make riding your bike fun. No more loose chains. No more having to stop to figure out a confusing gearing system. No more unsightly derailleurs to maintain. Push the throttle or twist a dial to get to a comfortable pedaling cadence and enjoy the ride.


EBR review

“[EVELO] offers something very unique, a mid-drive motor combined with a carbon belt and continuously variable transmission. This is a combination of parts that offer efficiency, shifting at anytime (even standstill), and durability.” – ELECTRICBIKEREVIEW.COM


EVELO MotionDrive tech overview

MotionDrive™ System

Our innovative MotionDrive™ System brings together premium drivetrain components to make your riding experience simple, fun and worry-free. Use the arrows below or click on individual components to learn more.

Powerful Motor

Our powerful mid-drive motor will help you conquer virtually any hill. We’ve located the motor in the middle of the frame, close to the center of gravity, improving stability and handling. With both pedal-assist and full throttle at your fingertips, you are in complete control.

Cutting-Edge Transmission

All of our electric bikes come with internally geared rear hub transmissions, like the cutting-edge NuVinci® or the Nexus hubs. These factory-sealed hubs are virtually maintenance-free, efficient and don't need an unsightly derailleur to operate.

Easy Gear Shifting

Our innovative transmissions make manual shifting a thing of the past. With the NuVinci® CVT, simply watch the display simulate the terrain you are on as you turn a dial to smoothly shift gears. NuVinci® fully automatic transmission takes it one step further with no shifting required at all! It is intuitive with no learning curve.


Shop EVELO Models With MotionDriveᵗᵐ System

Aurora Limited

Starting from $3999 $3749
A powerful mid-drive motor, a belt drive, and a unique step-through frame for easy on-and-off access.

Galaxy 500

Starting from $3999 $3749
A more powerful version of the Galaxy. It's an easy-to-ride comfort cruiser with a deep step-through that’s perfect for riders of virtually any height or skill level.

Aurora Hub-Drive

Starting from $2499 $2249
A versatile, easy-to-ride electric bike with a unique frame design, a sporty rear hub motor and a comfortable upright riding position.

Aries Hub-Drive

Starting from $2499 $2249
The Aries Hub-Drive is an outstanding value, featuring a sporty 750W rear hub motor.

Delta X

Starting from $3699 $3449
Combining power and utility, this bike features a powerful 750W motor, all-purpose tires and plenty of room for your cargo.


Starting from $3699 $3449
A comfortable electric trike with a powerful 500W mid-drive motor, throttle-only option, and large cargo basket.


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