EVELO is one of a small number of electric bike companies that offer the optional NuVinci® Harmony Automatic Transmission.

What is NuVinci® Harmony™?

NuVinci® Harmony™ is the first fully automatic, continuously variable transmission. Other NuVinci® transmissions make it very easy to shift gear ratios, but Harmony™ ups the ante, providing an experience much like driving a car. Just set the desired cadence, and the system lets you always pedal at the same pace, whether you’re going up or down a hill.

What are the Benefits of this Transmission?

The NuVinci® Harmony™ fully automatic transmission makes it even easier to ride an EVELO electric bike. There is no need to look for the right gear ratio when the terrain changes. This system will do it for you, automatically. Of course, if you’re looking for some additional tweaking to make the experience just right, a manual mode is available.

With a typical electric bike transmission, if the rider doesn’t shift efficiently – or doesn’t shift at all – their battery’s range may shorten. Just as with a car, using an automatic continuously variable transmission on a bike constantly optimizes the motor performance and extends the range by preserving battery power.

To learn more about the NuVinci® Harmony™ transmission, please watch this short, 2-minute video.

Which EVELO Bikes are Equipped with NuVinci® Harmony™?

Currently, the NuVinci® Harmony™ fully automatic transmission is available as an upgrade on our Galaxy ST, Galaxy TT, Luna, and Orion models. EVELO strives to bring cutting-edge bike technology that simplifies, not complicates, your life – and the Gates drive is another example of that.

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