NuVinci® N360/N380 Transmission

NuVinci® continuously variable transmission is a revolutionary bike technology that completely eliminates the need to deal with complicated gearing systems and unsightly derailleurs. Best of all, EVELO is one of just a few electric bike companies that equip their models with the NuVinci® N380 drivetrain.

Watch the video or scroll down to see what makes this system so revolutionary.


What are the Benefits of the NuVinci® N380?

No Maintenance Required

Since the whole mechanism is self-contained, no maintenance or adjustments are necessary.  The controller is right on the handlebars where you would expect it to be.

The Right Gear Every Time

Instead of having only a few gears to switch through as you encounter a change in terrain, you have an unlimited range controlled by the turn of a dial. A big hill? Turn up the “volume” and the NuVinci® N380 will adjust accordingly.

Changing Gears When Stopped

With a regular bike derailleur handling things, you need to plan to be starting in the proper gear from a stop. Since the NuVinci® N380 lets you switch gears while you are stopped, there is no need to plan ahead of a stop or struggle through a start in the wrong gear. Just turn the dial to the gear you need, whether you are zipping along or completely still.

Silent Running

You know that grinding, clink-clank noise you get when you switch gears on a regular bike? With the NuVinci® N380 you will not experience that. It’s smooth, quiet as a whisper, and it just works!

New Riders Rejoice

If you’re new to biking or haven’t ridden in a long time, the NuVinci® N380 eliminates the learning curve of shifting gears correctly. It’s as simple as adjusting a volume dial.


“The NuVinci shifter sets EVELO way ahead. The combination of the NuVinci and pedal-assist choices allow me to pick the exact comfort level.”
– Michael O., Wilmington, MA


Shop EVELO Models With NuVinci® N380

10083 > 3899 and ---


Starting from $3899
An unstoppable trail bike, with a powerful 750W motor, responsive front suspension and plus-size tires for extra comfort.
10964 > 2899 and ---

Quest Max

Starting from $2899
A powerful 350W mid-drive motor, NuVinci® transmission, and maintenance-free Gates belt drive in an ultra compact body – truly the best of both worlds!
10064 > 3499 and --- 10065 > 3899 and ---

Galaxy ST

Starting from $3499
A comfort cruiser with a deep step-through, a maintenance-free Gates belt drive and an available fully automatic transmission.
11255 > 3499 and 3149 --- 11256 > 3899 and 3509 ---

Galaxy 24

Starting from $3499 $3149
An easy-to-ride, 24” comfort cruiser with a deep step-through that’s perfect for riders of virtually any height or skill level.
10113 > 3499 and --- 10112 > 3899 and ---

Galaxy TT

Starting from $3499
This cruiser features a traditional top tube design, an upright riding position, and a maintenance-free Gates belt drive system.


Additional Resources

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