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About Zoom Bikes

It is our belief that that the fossil fuels which power our society – especially the transportation sector – have a short half-life remaining. The days of cheap oil are receding, and we will need to look for other ways to maintain our lifestyles or look for ways to change the lifestyles we have.

We are not naïve enough to believe that electric bikes can solve the world’s transportation challenges. However, we do believe they can be part of the solution. E-bikes are great tools for commuting, shopping, and for trips under 20 miles. They flatten the hills, allow anyone with a physical challenge to ride, and – perhaps most important – they are a lot of fun!

Our goal with ZoomBikes is to raise awareness about alternative forms of transportation. We believe that beginning to rethink the way we move ourselves from one place to another is a positive step to a better world.

Our mission is to introduce electric bicycles to others and to deliver the best customer service possible.


EVELO Models Available for a Test Ride

Galaxy ST

Starting from $2999 $2749
A comfort cruiser with a deep step-through, a maintenance-free Gates belt drive and an available fully automatic transmission.


Starting from $3499
An unstoppable trail bike, with a powerful 750W motor, responsive front suspension and plus-size tires for extra comfort.

Delta X

Starting from $3999 $3499
Combining power and utility, this bike features a powerful 750W motor, all-purpose tires and plenty of room for your cargo.

Quest Max

Starting from $2999 $2599
A powerful 350W mid-drive motor, NuVinci® transmission, and maintenance-free Gates belt drive in an ultra compact body – truly the best of both worlds!


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