Electric Bicycles and EVELO have been getting some great press recently. Check out a few of our favorites:

 Electric Bike Report
  • PRWeb.com – EVELO Electric Bicycle to be Displayed at the US Bicycling Hall of Fame
    “EVELO, Inc., a New York City-based electric bicycle company, announced today that one of their electric bikes will be displayed as part of an exhibit at the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame located in Davis, California. The bike, one of three models currently manufactured by EVELO, is a pedal-assist electric bike equipped with a NuVinci N360 drivetrain, can reach speeds of up to 20 mph on electric power, and is powered by a lithium battery with an estimated battery range of 40 miles.” Read entire article at PRWeb.com
Fox 40 TV Sacramento
  • Fox 40 Sacramento TV – TransAmerican Electric Bike Tour – Video Interview
    Alisa Becerra is live in Sacramento where two people are stopping on their TransAmerican Electric Bike Tour.”
EV World
  • BikeRumor.com – Cycling’s Week On The Web
    “Evelo just announced that they are sponsoring a 4,000 Mile Trans-America Electric bike tour. Departing from New York, the team’s destination is San Francisco. On the bikes to be ridden, the battery lasts for about 40 miles on a single charge, with each charge costing about 6-10 cents. Each Evelo bike will be equipped with Burley trailers and NuVinci drivetrains.” Read entire article at BikeRumor.com
  • NPR – TransportationNation – Inside an epic road trip, by bike
    “Part personal adventure, part act of environmental consciousness … Boris Mordkovich and Anna Mostovetsky chose a challenging way to raise awareness about the benefits of  bicycle commuting at a time of $4 gasoline: a 4,000-mile cross country tour…. He is a director of Evelo, an electric bicycle start-up based in New York. She has a degree in environmental science and has worked on salmon restoration in her home state of Washington. But Boris and Anne must both have, or soon will have, legs of iron.” Read entire article at TransportationNation
Pittsburgh City Paper Logo
  • CityPaper – Cross-Country Electric Bike Tour Hits Pittsburgh
    “If you want to know more about electric bicycles, here’s the perfect opportunity to ask two people who are becoming intimately acquainted with theirs. Boris Mordkovich, 26, and Anna Mostovetsky, 25, mounted their electric-motor-bearing two-wheelers on April 7, in Brooklyn …. by mid-June they plan to arrive in San Francisco — a 4,000-mile journey without a drop of gasoline consumed, but accomplished with notably more ease than under pure pedal power.Read entire article at Pittsburgh City Paper
National Geographic