We are passionate about customer service, and we mean it!

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Picture this for a second: your friend is an expert on electric bikes, and is willing to help you pick the perfect bike, even on weekends. That’s the kind of person all of our experienced, friendly Customer Service Managers are.

At EVELO, we are extremely dedicated to customer service — and we walk the talk. We have team members on both the East Coast and West Coast, available 7 days a week. We guarantee a response to your requests within 24 hours!

We don’t see our job as just selling you an electric bike. Rather, we want to understand what your needs are to figure out the best solution for your situation. If one of our models fits the bill, wonderful. If not, we will recommend other options.  As a result…

…some customers say that they came to us to buy a bike, but they made a friend instead.

Our team brings their personal experiences with biking and suggestions for all kinds of bike-related situations into their communications with customers — and that personal touch is encouraged.

Everyone in our team is empowered to make the best decision for our customers. There is no need to get authorization from a higher-up for every tiny decision. The only criteria we use is “are we doing the right thing for this customer”?


Talk to the CEO — for real!

Most companies, specially online retailers, have almost no qualitative interaction with customers. That’s why in late 2014, we decided to try an experiment: invite all of our customers from the past 6 months to have a 15-minute private conversation with Boris Mordkovich, our CEO & Co-Founder.

The experiment went so well that we now encourage anyone to get on the phone and talk to us. If you’d like to talk with Boris, our CEO, feel free to schedule a time with him!

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