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Traditionally, many businesses tend to be very closed off with their internal financials, product ideas, and other internal information. However, we believe that by being more open and transparent with our customers, it helps to foster trust and a connection between everybody involved.

Given the fairly high price of an electric bike in today’s market – ranging between $1,500 to $15,000 with a plethora of options available – you may have wondered where all that money goes.

To address this question, we wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before by most private companies – share with you our real costs, profit margins and explain why our electric bikes are priced as they are.

  • Price $2,524.00
  • Production Costs $1,066.67
  • Shipping and Fullfillment $207.26
  • Warranty $32.42
  • Insurance $36.60
  • People $438.62
  • Marketing & Promotions $316.04
  • Merchant Fees $47.96
  • Tools $33.08
  • Rent $10.58
  • Interest & Miscellaneous $79.11
  • Profit $255.65

We spend wisely & pass those savings on to you


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