After the first 24 months of EVELO’s 4-year/20,000-mile warranty, the battery on the bike is no longer covered 100% by the original warranty.

If your battery must be replaced during the remaining period comprised of months 25-48, you will need to pay a pro-rated amount for a replacement. The table shows the percent of the purchase price due, along with an example showing the cost during each month of the remaining warranty period.

Month of WarrantyPercentage of MSRP DueExample: Battery with $700 MSRP
Months 1-240%$0
Month 2552%$364
Month 2654%$378
Month 2756%$392
Month 2858%$406
Month 2960%$420
Month 3062%$434
Month 3164%$448
Month 3266%$462
Month 3368%$476
Month 3470%$490
Month 3572%$504
Month 3674%$518
Month 3776%$532
Month 3878%$546
Month 3980%$560
Month 4082%$574
Month 4184%$588
Month 4286%$602
Month 4388%$616
Month 4490%$630
Month 4592%$644
Month 4694%$658
Month 4796%$672
Month 4898%$686
Month 49+100%$700

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