Why electric?

Find out why thousands of happy customers are loving their EVELOs.

Never worry about distance.

You don’t need to worry about getting halfway through a ride and finding yourself far from home and exhausted. Simply pedal when you want, or sit back and relax when you don’t. When you are riding an EVELO, getting back home is a cinch.

Climb steep hills without tiring.

Electric bikes help you to conquer hills — from gentle inclines all the way to the steepest of terrains. Our patented 250W or 500W mid-drive motor lets you bypass obstacles at 20 mph, making riding convenient, easy, and effortless.

Get back in shape.

Electric bikes make exercising more accessible, whether you are already in great shape or looking at making improvements. By making riding fun, an EVELO helps you get in shape so you ride more often and for longer distances — even if your body isn’t what it used to be.

Get to work without breaking a sweat.

Say “no” to sitting in traffic. Leave your car at home and enjoy the benefits of riding to work without becoming exhausted or arriving sweaty. EVELO Electric bikes make commuting by bike more enjoyable and help encourage greener solutions to transit woes.

Have a great time!

Riding an electric bike ranks high on the “fun” scale, making it easy to find reasons to go on a bike ride. Spend some quality time outdoors with your loved ones. Let the motor help you to keep up with everyone else and travel farther than you’ve dared ride on a regular bike — all while enjoying yourself. 

discover the Evelo difference.