EVELO Electric Bike Offers

Conquer your commute with the high-performing, powerful, dual-suspension Aries.

From the high hills to local streets, the world is yours when you’re on top this high-performance bike loaded with comfortable amenities that make riding so fun that you’ll never say no to a ride again. Whether you’re zipping to work, cruising with friends, or simply having a day on the town, the Aries will get you there with speed and style.

Starts at $2,499


A front suspension cross-over commuter perfect for any occasion.

This model’s unique frame makes it easy to get on and off. Perfect for both men and women, the Aurora is ready for any task. Whether you want to use it for commuting or wind up riding mainly for recreation, it will get the job done in comfort and style. With the EVELO Aurora, you will find yourself always looking forward to the next ride!

Starts at $2,499


An easy-going cruiser with a step-through frame for style and comfort.

With the luxuriously appointed EVELO Luna, there’s no more worrying about keeping up with your partner or the kids on family outings, as you’ll be leading the pack with style, comfort, and total ease-of-use. Pedal when you want, or sit back, relax, and let the versatile Luna do it for you; the easy on-and-off EVELO Luna offers it all!

Starts at $2,099

The perfect urban bike – for getting to work or around town.

If you are looking for a fully-loaded electric bike that will get you to work, back home, and everywhere in-between, the Orion is it. Stylish, comfortable, with plenty of cargo-carrying capacity, it’s the perfect ride for a commute or trips of under 40 miles. Before you know it, the Orion will replace your car as your main mode of transportation.

Starts at $2,099