The Power of $1

The Power of $1

Around here, we think that an electric bicycle is truly one of the most efficient ways of getting around. And the statistics seem to agree. To show you what we mean, let’s take $1 and see how far it can take you these days.

How far can you go on $1 these days?

 Mode of Travel: Energy Source: Distance Traveled:
Car About 1/4 gallon of gas 5 miles
Public Transit About 2/5 of a fare (NYC) 6 miles
Motorcycle About 1/4 gallon of gas 12.5 miles
Hybrid Car About 1/4 gallon of gas 13.5 miles
Scooter About 1/4 gallon of gas 21 miles
EVELO Electric Bicycle 13 recharges 250-500 miles

Up to 500 miles for $1? That’s right – with an average charge costing just 8 cents and giving you up to 40 miles of electric-assisted riding, you can go for half a thousand miles on just a single buck.

In fact, we decided to go ahead and prove this ourselves. We invite you to join the EVELO Team as they completed their Trans-American Electric Bike Tour – traveling over 4,000 miles from coast to coast on less than $20 worth of electricity! Find out more!

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