At EVELO, our mission is to make riding a bike as easy as possible. That means creating electric bikes that are approachable and easy to ride and maintain. That also means giving you options when it comes to the assembly and delivery of your new EVELO bike.

Currently, we offer 3 convenient options for you to choose from:

1. Home Delivery With Self-Assembly

Home Delivery With Self-Assembly

With this option, your EVELO bike is shipped directly to your home via FedEx. Shipping is free anywhere in the contintal United States.

EVELO electric bikes are shipped 95% assembled. It takes a few easy steps to complete the assembly. Step-by-step instructions are included and detailed assembly videos are also available. On average, it takes most customers 30-45 minutes to fully assemble their EVELO bike.

Please note that you would also be responsible for installing any accessories you purchase with your bike.

2. Local Bike Shop Assembly & Pickup

Local Bike Shop Assembly & Pickup

Prefer to have a professional mechanic assemble your EVELO bike? We can find a bike shop in your area to do the assembly for you! Your bike would be shipped to a bike shop and our customer service team would coordinate directly with the shop and handle all the logistics. We’ll also notify you once your bike is ready to be picked up. Your local bike shop would also be able to install any accessories.

This assembly option costs $49 for all of our models except the Compass trike. If you choose this option, the assembly fee is non-refundable. You will also be responsible for any repackaging and handling fees in case of return. If you are purchasing the Compass, an optional bike shop assembly is included for free and any possible repackaging fees will be covered.

Please note that most bike shops will NOT deliver your bike and delivery is NOT included in our $49 fee. You will be responsible for picking up your bike once it is assembled. This also applies to the Compass trike. Please make sure you have the means of transporting your purchase home.

3. Velofix White-Glove Assembly & Delivery

Velofix White-Glove Assembly & Delivery

EVELO has also partnered with Velofix to offer a professional assembly and delivery service through their network of mobile bike shops. If you live in Velofix’s service area and choose this option, your bike would be shipped directly to a local Velofix mobile shop, where a certified mechanic would assemble it and deliver it to your door. This option would also include the installation of any accessories you might want to purchase for your bike. Lastly, a Velofix representative would help you adjust the bike to maximize your comfort and teach you how to operate various features of your new bike.

This service costs $149 but is not available in all areas. If you choose Velofix as your assembly and delivery option, the fee is non-refundable. You will also be responsible for any handling and repackaging fees in case of return. To learn more about Velofix and check if you live in their service area, please click here.

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