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Paris to Subsidize Electric Bike Purchases in 2020

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The Île-de-France Mobilités transport authority responsible for the greater Paris region will pay Parisians as much as 500 Euros or about $550 to purchase an electric bike in 2020.

The offer will begin on February 20, 2020, and covers up to half of the cost of an electric bike with a maximum payment of 500 Euros excluding tax.

Although there has not been an official statement regarding other e-bike programs, this new electric bike subsidy, which is paid by the regional government, could, perhaps, be combined with other government programs.

Some, for example, have wondered if this new 500 Euro offer may be added to an existing city of Paris subsidy of upto 400 Euros. If that was the case, some city residents could have 900 Euros or about $985 to buy a new electric bicycle.

It is clear that Paris is serious about reducing carbon emissions and relieve urban congestion and that it believes electric bikes are one of the best ways to accomplish those goals.

Paris is Committed to Electric Bikes

In fact, this most recent electric bike subsidy offer comes on the heels of a massive electric bike share program.

Since 2018, the Île-de-France Mobilités has begun to make some 10,000 e-bikes available in Paris and the surrounding area as part of its “Veligo” bike share system. This program is one of the largest electric bike sharing systems anywhere. And, the region plans to double the number of electric bikes in just the next couple of years.

A woman rides an electric bike in Paris. Source

The main benefit for Paris, and really any city, is that electric bicycles can be a viable alternative to automobile trips. E-bikes are much better for the environment, much better for safety, much better for congestion, and much better for local businesses.

Some electric bicycle enthusiasts hope that e-bike subsidies catch on in the United States. Here are some resources for more information.

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