Considering a Pedego Electric Bike?

Are you are looking for the best electric bicycle and trying to compare your options? We invite you to take a look at how EVELO Electric Bicycles stack up to Pedego.

EVELO Electric Bicycles offer a patented, mid-drive motor with unparalleled hill-climbing abilities and torque, long-range Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries, and unique designs that are both stylish and comfortable.

Here’s a comparison chart, so you can review the key features between EVELO and Pedego.

EVELO Aurora
(other models available)
Pedego Comfort Cruiser
Price (starting at)$2,499 WITH FREE SHIPPING$2,295
Maximum Speed

Up to 20 miles per hourUp to 20 miles per hour
RangeUp to 40 miles in pedal-assist mode
(up to 20 miles in electric-only mode)
Optional: Get 50% more range with an upgraded Extended-Range battery.
Up to 15-30 miles
Power OptionsPedal-Assist and Electric-OnlyElectric-Only (No Pedal-Assist)
Motor StyleMid-Drive Motor
(why is Mid-Drive better than a hub motor?)
Rear-Hub Motor
Motor Power
250 Watt
Optional: 500W Motor Upgrade
(+ 48V battery)
(conserves battery and delivers longer range)
500 Watt
Battery36V 10Ah Samsung Lithium Battery
Optional: 36V 17Ah or 48V14.5Ah Battery Upgrade!
36V 10Ah
Gears and SpeedsNuVinci® N360™ Internal Drivetrain6-Speed Shimano Alivio
BrakesDisc Brakes on the Front and RearDisc Brakes on the Front and Hub Brake in the Rear
Weight57 pounds
(battery adds 8-9 lbs.)
61 pounds
Warranty18 months1 year
Included Accessories
Integrated front and rear lights; LCD Speedometer, Rear RackN/A


Key Takeaways

When we compare the 2 models side by side, the important takeaways are:

– With the EVELO Electric Bike, you will get a longer range and flexibility with both pedal-assist and electric-only mode.

– EVELO offers a patented mid-drive motor system and brand-name battery technology that delivers unparalleled hill-climbing ability and torque (why is Mid-Drive better than a hub motor?).

– Furthermore, you will also have peace of mind with a longer (18 month) warranty that will protect your motor, battery and frame.


Special Feature

EVELO Electric Bicycles are the first e-bikes to complete a 4,000 mile journey from New York City to San Francisco as a part of the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour which put them through extensive tests and trials in every imaginable environment and condition. As a result, they also represent the only electric bike featured in the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.


What’s Next?

We invite you to learn more about EVELO Electric Bicycles to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

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Learn more about the motor and battery

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